I took a virtual tour of the #LufthansaA380, and was left speechless. If a virtual experience can make my jaw drop to the ground this way, I wonder what a real life experience will do.
I've flown many flights in my life, since young, and I can say for sure that none of them have been even remotely near this - THE GREEN GIANT! So, join me as I have a rendezvous with the Lufthansa A380, up close and personal. Its quite an experience, I tell ya, even in virtual ;-) The virtual tour covers ~ Technology, Airport, Flight, the 3 Classes - Economy, Business & First, Arrival. So, gentlemen and ladies ~ fasten your seat-belts as we hop on the flight of a lifetime! You'll know why BIGGER IS BETTER ;-)


  • The Technology : As I began browsing, the site took me straight to the Hangar itself, where this beauty was standing tall, in all its elegance & glory. Oh! What a mesmerizing sight it is.

    First thing you obviously notice is the sheer size of it. It is BIG! The Hangar itself is huge, with its whole area being - Width 140m/459 feet, Height 27,5m/90feet, Floor 350m/1148feet, aptly built for the Giant to take rest. After flying all over the world, this giant beauty too needs its beauty sleep, right? Its maintenience is top level and according to Lufthansa's own standards that are even higher than Airbus's prescribed standards, figure that!

    Just two coats of paint is applied on this beauty's body, compared to normal 3 in other planes. However, these two coats alone can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, while making the aircraft much lighter too.

    Even though its 4 Turbofan engines ( on the sides ) are massive in size, they are surprisingly much quieter than normal planes, and fuel efficient too! Made from Rolls Royce no less.


  • The Airport : Once we reach the airport, the 'Lounge' is where we sit and wait for departure. The special Lufthansa Lounge is very comfortable, as the company is improving all its lounges worldwide offering the best. Some lounges has direct departure exit from where one can board the flight directly. Isn't that amazing?

    For 'Boarding' there are upto 3 bridges, for easy and fast boarding of the passengers. The first and business class have their own priority gates, while economy has two bridges for them, thus saving time.
    Top quality 'Catering' is provided for the 500 onboard passengers that needs about 300 trolleys. The Sky-Chef's platform for the premium classes is at the height of 28ft. Food, beverages, pillows, blankets, newspapers and all miscellaneous items taken care of.

    Bigger aircraft naturally holds more 'luggages' too. Fast system of loading and unloading of luggage is implemented by Lufthansa to save time for both departure & arrival.


  • The Flight : I loved this part a lot and played-replayed many times, esp the take off! Its just mind-blowing. Do watch it, you'll feel the same.

    So, lets first take a look at the 'Cockpit' itself, which is high tech with latest and best equipment. With just two clicks the pilot can have access to various information, manuals, maps and other documentation with a well networked system that is connected with ground controls.

    The next thing came as a pleasant surprise. Its tail consist of the birds-eye view external 'Camera', from which live photographic information is transmitted to the cockpit for easy manevouring of the plane. There are other cameras too, giving exact view of the plane as well as the landscape. One can see these views in their seat's entertainment console as well 'live'.

    79.8m/262feet, that is the whole length of the Lufthansa's 'Wings' ~ truly a masterpiece of sorts in aeronautical engineering. The special design makes flight smooth and less noisy.


  • The Economy Class : I was curious about the various classes of seating arrangements in the Lufthansa A380 ~ afterall, it is one major aspect of flying.

    My first stop was the 'economy class'. Intensely trained crew serve the passengers. Inspite of the large number passengers in economy; one receives good, fast and personalized service. A wide bodied air-craft, Lufthansa A380 makes its main deck look and feel spacious with its generous cabin design.

    The newly developed seats are enhanced too, which are comfortable and with ample leg room. The touch-screen personal entertainment console give access to 50 programs, with something special for kids too, as well as the live camera that gives the flight's outside view and information related to it. I was impressed!


  • The Business Class : The stylishly furnished, newly designed interiors of the 'business class' will definitely impress you ( like it did me ). The material quality used for the seats are high quality and are obvious from their clear visuals. There's a study light attached on one side too.

    The seats are adjustable into 3 positions ~ upright seating, leaning, or full reclining position. But, not just that, they are flexible too and can be positioned between those 3 as well. The seat also has a unique 'shape system' designed to adapt to your body, providing ultimate relaxation.

    It's entertainment program console has a new user interface and master control, with access to 100 films in multi-languages and international radio channels. There are games too, along with 3D Maps and live view of your entire flight route. Now, that's fantastic!


  • The First Class : I saved the best for the last. The 'first class' can blow your mind literally. It looks different than all the other classes, and what class it is too! Superb, luxury at its best. The ambience is first class, made with quality materials and is of uniform design. You'll find a beautiful red rose too, to remind you that you're special. Muted colours in this timeless design, makes the cabin appealing and so inviting to relax and be pampered over the clouds. There are adjustable screens to give privacy too, if so the passenger desires. Comfort is at its best with automatic 'humidfiers' specially installed in this class, conditioning the air as per your needs.

    Sound insulated curtains and footfall insulation beneath the carpet keeps sounds to a minimum, thus ensuring an undisturbed relaxed sleep. The first class also provides a high cabin ceilinged personal wardrobe, with space to stow your luggage as well as it stock items such has blanket, pyjamas, laundry bag etc for use during the flight. Needless to say, the first class entertainment box has a far wider collection of programs to choose from. The 'Lufthansa Media World' can be navigated using a multimedia remote control, with a game pad on a larger and newly designed screen. And the live images of the flight makes it a fascinating experience no doubt!


  • The Bathroom @First Class : Like the first-class cabin, its bathroom is first class too; with a uniform design that blends so well. It is built of high quality materials and has some really 'innovative' features like the LED water temperature display integrated with the mirror. Spacious and roomy, it is not just for complete rest and relaxation during the flight, but for being refreshed too at arrival of destination. Luxurious fixtures and fittings, with space well taken care of ~ be it washing, changing or the toilet ( that is separated ); it gives enough room to move about and enjoy personal space.

    A 'complete care' programe it has too, where everything is provided for. Each guests gets an exclusive kit, handed by the attendant containing premium items ( toiletries + cosmetics ) for use. Other essential items such as shaving cream, hair-brush, tooth-paste/brush etc are neatly arranged in the cupboards, along with a practical personal clothes bag to store clothes after changing.


  • Landing & Arrival : Well, after spending some gorgeous time inside the Lufthansa A380, the virtual tour came to an end with a hope growing inside me that someday soon a 'real tour' would happen too ( fingers crossed ).

    Many airports around the world are fully equipped to handle the Lufthansa A380, with India too in the list, as it launches its new flights to and fro on the Delhi-Franfurt route. It is said, that the Frankfurt Airport has the best of the lot, handling almost 6 million passengers a year, so naturally I am eager to see and experience it for myself :-) Thus, my tour ended, and BIG dreams of flying this BIG plane began...
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