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I am accepting tag of Ragini Puri for the #WillYouShave Activity!

Ranjith was a bright young engineering student at IIT, with BIG dreams in his eyes. He was also a blogger and regular in a blogging community. He was ever helpful in people’s queries and solved them pronto. He was nicknamed Ranjith-O-pedia by everyone, for his quick intelligence. Rajnikant move aside, they’d say; here comes Ranjithkanth! The whole community was his fan. But he had one fault. As good as he was in studies; he was that bad in grooming. He was careless about his looks, though his suits were pricey. Rather than brushing up his act, he preferred hiding behind his Teddy. He loved his Teddy. When he wasn't Ranjith-O-pedia, he was Teddy boy. He was careless about his health too. Missing his home food, he’d often skip the ones offered in his college canteen and duly fall sick every now and then. And then, he'd cry - and when Ranjith cried it wasn't a flood, it was a tsumani.

Look at you Ranjith, you are no less than superman if you overcome this fault of yours, his well wishers advised him. Ranjith realized and soon started taking good care of his health. But his grooming.....*sigh*! Opposite his college was a girl’s hostel. Studious Ranjith had no interest in girls initially. But one day as he was deeply engrossed in his thick engineering book, he happened to look upwards. His glance fell on the girl’s hostel. He quickly tried to turn his head away, but alas, his eyes fell on a pretty lass. She was an Afro, but smashing. Voluptuous figure and pouty lips, she was gorgeous with ebony skin and curly black hair that made a big black halo behind her head. Ranjith was instantly swept off his feet. He fell head over heels in love with the Afro babe. Every day, since, he’d position himself in that exact spot from where he had first seen her and everyday she appeared in that ( hers ) spot too.

Days passed and just seeing her wasn’t enough anymore. Ranjith wanted to take this crush of his to the next level. He wanted to talk to her, date her….and probably marry her too. Yes, he was dreaming already about an indo-afro cricket team of children with the Afro babe. What a perfect family, it’d be.

So, one day he approached her as soon as he spotted her. He was wearing his priciest suit and had been practicing how to talk to her for days now. When he called out to her, she barely looked his way. He tried jumping up and down in the ground to catch her attention, waving both his hands. But she ignored. Finally, he climbed the fence and walked straight to her. By the time he was in front of her, he was panting nervously. But once made up his mind; he decided to go ahead with it anyways. “I like you,” he said shyly, “I always notice you from my college. Will you be my friend?”

The Afro looked at him narrowly. Her eyes were huge black pools where he wanted to immerse himself into forever. As he waited eagerly for a positive answer, the Afro’s eyebrows twitched disgustedly. “Whoa man, you wanna be my friend?” She said, with an Afro accent. “Look at you, I can’t even see your face; hidden behind that unclean unshaven face like a porcupine. Shoo away boy! Don’t waste my time.” She looked angrily, as though she’d beat the hell out of him.
Ranjith escaped from there, before that mere ‘look’ of hers became a reality. His unshaven face failed him miserably. From that day he decided never to approach an Afro or any girl for that matter, with an unshaven face. A Lesson learnt.

Theme - Missed chances- Stories or instances where you missed out on an opportunity because of a non-shaven face. or An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man's chance to make a good impression. This post is written in good humour only, not to hurt any individual.
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I am tagging Amit Kumar Pattnaik, Ranjith for the #WillYouShave Challenge!

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