Lets post our Bucket List: Ten Things You Would Want To Do, no let me rephrase, TEN THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU DIE or else you would feel like a loser on a death bed? lets share and motivate each other about life. Lets Dream about life, your life. #LifeDeathBucketList ( This post is part of Indispire )

Well well, so the genie asked me what are the 10 things I'd like to do before I die? I've always brushed aside those bucket-list kinda questions people put, with those 'must do things before you die' kinda ones being the most commonest of them. What's to achieve by listing them anyway? Many people list out quite impossible lists just for fun sake. 'Must do' means you intend to do at some point definitely, but can I really do it? That's another story. For example: I wanna sky-dive at least once in my life, or dive deep under the seas; but, will I do those? No way! I'm just too scared. So, like that there are many such wishes I'd like to do, but not many I'll actually do and then there are some I'd love to do but may never get the opportunity to do. So confusing right? Ah..well...nevermind, so lets just get on with the 10 must-do things list, that I hope I manage to do at least and hopefully get the opportunity too.

1. Travel the World : Whats the use of coming to this world if you haven't seen it all for real. Thank God, we are born in the Television/Internet era where virtually we can see almost all corners of the world right on our desktop monitors, and Google earth can even pin-point all of the exact locations with the satellite 'zoom' effect. But the thrill of travelling and going in person, seeing everything with own eyes is another thing altogether. This is one wish that is too expensive as well with lots of complexities ~ visas and what not. So, I keep joining as much travel contests I can ~ just so I win some day hopefully. Luck has played a spoil sport so far, but I've not given up. So, my efforts are on :-) Any sponsors out there?

2. Publish my novel : professionally by a Big and well established International Publishing house. If you've read my blog, you'll find it is filled with fictions and poems mostly. My contest entries are also mostly fiction too. Ever since young, I've written and written. Many of my scribbles have won me quite a few prizes too and some pieces published in various newspapers/magazines - much to my delight. So, being a creative writer its what I love doing the most and want to do till I die. I have already published 10 titles ( novellas ) in Amazon Kindle, and they've got good response. But my ultimate dream is to publish a full-fledged novel via the Big house. I'm yet to write a full fledged novel btw, because most of what I wrote so far are short novellas ( around 25k words - whereas novels has to be above 55k+ words ). I have tonnes of incomplete drafts still lying, waiting to be completed, published and hopefully read by the world someday.

3. Solve Life & Death mystery : once and for all. When people talk of science ~ of Darwin's evolution theory that humans came from Apes or the theist's perspective of Adam & Eve being first human beings created on earth in God's image - my mind gets rattled with these two diverse set of beliefs, among thousand others put forth by different religions. Everyone fights with others as their theory to be right. There's been wars fought on this issue for centuries, and the blood shed still continues. Who knows for sure right? Neither scientific research can actually pin-point neither can the theists. None of those were actually alive then, were they? about the time period they talk of. Both may be right or both may be wrong ~ or both maybe somewhere in between. Hatred and bloodshed due to this is totally ridiculous. More often its the fight between various religions. Well, I hope to solve this mystery once and for all. Why am I on this earth, if I can't get this basic fact right. Anyone listening?? Koyi hai....jo meri madad karein???

4. Become Rich : so that I can help others a bit. Currently, in my individual capacity, I can only shell out some coins to some random beggars that I see, lurking daily in the Bombay streets. I'd love to get rich enough, so that I can fully utilize my philanthropic side. The way I am currently with money, people often think that I'm a 'kanjoos' of sorts, but they don't realize that I'm really a poor-hungry-indian myself. I can donate more, only if I have more ain't it? I kinda envy those rich & famous people who get so much good-will by their generous donations. I'd love to get that kinda name too. So, anyone willing to make me a 'heiress' to their riches? I promise after keeping my share, I'll definitely distribute the rest to the poor and needy ones when I die. Cos' if I die now, I have nothing really to donate ~ I'm pretty broke myself right now. Anyone willing to donate their riches to this 'wannabe heiress'?

5. Eat a hearty Meal : from cuisines all over the world. Really, this is pathetic that there are so many cuisines in this world that I haven't tasted yet. Its like my first wish ~ until I eat them all, whats the use really to be born in this world. So, I'd love to be invited to each and every household that cooks all these yummilicious food ( provided they pay my stay/travel/visa fares too - that'll even take care of my first wish itself ). This wish is really achievable with all you wonderful people's support. So, who is inviting me to their house first for a hearty meal?

6. : Errr...

7. : ERRRrr...

8. : A-ha.......
( will fill these when I wake up from my Ghajini state of short-term-memory loss )

9. Marry Someone : LOL...yeah don't laugh. I know everyone ( especially girls ) marries at one point and its the most natural thing to do in one's life; and 'expected' too from the nosy society around. But for me it has been most 'unnatural' thing in life. I've run and run from the institution of marriage and how! I think I'm that 'weird' human species, who has literally avoided marriage and practically ran from the mandap. I love my freedom so much and have lived my life totally independent. I guess, I love myself too much, that's why to give everything up for another human being is unthinkable for me. I'm way too self-centered and narcissist. All the handsome boys whom I knew in my life got fed-up and ran away seeing my over-independent lifestyle. I'm actually glad I got rid of them :D However, every year as I grow older, I'm becoming more and more like Salman Khan. He is much older than me, but chances are I'll end up like him ---- so well, just so I don't end up like him I have to full-fill this 'thingy' too. khi khi.....

10. Eat, Sleep Repeat : Yeah...on my death bed. What a cool way to die right? :P

So, that's about it. These are mine, what are yours? Do share :-)


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  1. Nice post! ... I too have "travel the world" at #1 in my list. But it's a pretty short list with only 4 entries ... #2 buy a pro-level DSLR #3 become a travel writer and #4 Publish my travel photography book some day... :)

    1. thanks dear...those are some cool wishes you got...hope they get fulfilled too :-)

  2. Oh. My. God. This is exactly like what I had in mind. Though I know I will not write this post (too lazy for that), it's nice to see the same things written by someone else. Except point number 9. Coz, ah well, I already got married :)

    1. haha :-) nice to know most of them matches your wish list too

  3. I love the first 2 ideas Nandini, absolutely perfect ones and they are on my hit list too :)

  4. Hey the first one is on my list too , but skipping the others , I would love to get rich to fulfill all my travel and crafting dreams without having to work . And of course enjoy every moment before I die ...


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