When he first enrolled at the forensic lab, he’d cringe at the sight of the carcass that lay everyday waiting for him to work upon.

The sight and smell unbearable; to touch the cold dead used to make his hands shudder.

A research geek, his work made him a loner. His world, dull and sober!

As time flew, he adjusted to this routine life. Jittery nerves gave away to gradual acceptance, and slowly he started enjoying his work.

Getting addicted, he could now no longer wait to slash the next carcass into pieces, taking in his new love ~ the odor!

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  1. Well I am glad he learnt to enjoy his the dark twist of becoming addicted to the smell of a corpse though having dealt with in previous work even 'young' corpses are not a delight to inhale! Fine flash!

  2. practice made him perfect



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