Life without Zest has no meaning. And for me the thrill of WINNING drives my Zest! Winning can be anything ~

So, with 'Winning' as my goal, what would be the five things, people or situations that would Zest up my life?


Winning Love - True one at that - not just from a lover, but all ~ everyone we meet and interact with! Well 'Love' is not really a competition, because its something that has to come from deep within. And trust me, most happiness comes when you give out love. Yes, in love the more you give, the more you receive. Love indeed Zest up my life. I like to spread love and positivity. If we can bring a smile in someone's face just by our loving nature, its so much worth it. And only Love can conquer this world - making it free from all the hatred & negativity that surrounds. And yes, winning True love of a lover makes 'life' a blissful journey. The love, the togetherness - they all Zest me up like no other.


Winning Friends - Friends are the only relation we make here on earth. The rest i.e family, relatives or even neighbours ~ we are either born with or have no choice other than to deal with. So, having right friends is so important in life. My friends indeed Zest up my life. I've been very lucky to have a few but very faithful friends over the years. They have been as close to me as my own family. I don't make friends easily. But once made, they are friends for life. The trust and camaraderie I share with them is priceless. I have loads and loads of times spent with my friends - some adventurous, some fun, some naughty, some really insane ~ but mostly all meaningful. It has made my life a blessed one indeed.


Winning over Fears|Phobias - I'm a big time travel buff and an adventure lover. I've lived all my life challenging my fears. Some I've conquered already, yet there are some I still fear. I'm phobic of heights and anything containing 'heights', scares the hell out of me. However, at the same time I dream to overcome that fear. Given a choice I might even try them - the extreme adventure sports that is. Eg. Sky-Diving, Bungie-Jumping & Rock-Climbing etc are some of those on my agenda. Maybe, someday soon I'll win over those fears and that thought of finally winning over my demons a.k.a fears ( in this case ), indeed do Zest me up. Goa, has some really good adventure sports on offer ~ I'd definitely like to try them soon.


Winning World Trips - My mouth waters when I see such invites or contests announcing free travel-packages. Be it any time or weather - I'm forever up for travel - to any nook and corner of this world. Domestic or International - it doesn't matter. I'm all Zest up when it comes to travel ~ with my backpack, passport and other travel-accessories always ever-ready; to just hop-off. And Tata Motor's Zest contest with a Trip to Goa has me seduced already and all Zest up!


Winning Million Bucks - "Money hai to Honey hai. Apna Sapna Money Money. Paisa Paisa karti hai, Paise pe kyu Marti Hai..." Ah...How I love those songs. Who in this world doesn't love money? I literally drool when I see those famous shows on Television, giving out huge insane amounts as prize-money. Oh! How I envy those winners. I must've put in my registration hundreds of times, every time I see those shows coming on air - opening for auditions ( hoping, dreaming, lusting to be a part of them ). So, yes Money Zest me up big time - winning loads and loads of it FREE! *drools* With 'money' I can fulfill almost most other Zests of mine ~ travel, cars, shopping, food etc etc ~ all luxury imaginable.


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( Images : BA & Google ) | Life is all about Zest. The Zest that makes you move out of the ordinary, raise the bar, and unlock exclusive experiences. The thing about zest is that it is a never ending love story. It is also a personal story. Every one of us has our own objects, people, places, moments, memories, food, pets and what not that add Zest to our lives. We all have this mad need to add our own spin to create and snatch magical moments from our otherwise mundane routine. This need is Zest. Unleash Zest and Zest up your life with TataMotorsZest.

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  1. Who does not wants to be a millionaire
    All the best for the contest

  2. here's wishing you all the best in doing all that is going to ZEST your life ..

    All the best and you shud try that sky dive its exhilarating


    1. oh did u try? i'd definitely want to try it someday... though its scary :-o

  3. That was a different post :)
    The last one though is everyone's wish :D Who does not wanna be a millionaire :D


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