Zest & Me are like two conjoined siamese twins. Living life on the edge since my early childhood, all those who know me well, will swear by the nightmares I gave them. Yes, nightmares for them because it was thrilling and excitement for me. I lived my life Zestfully. My life has been full of adventure, and I'm always on a look out to experience the edgy side. I don't like normal routined life - it's so boring. Have always been the rebel kind, breaking rules. Well, not really the danger kind - but more the mischievous type

For example, at school I'd bunk classes to watch a new movie of my fav star; yeah, my friends were the timid kind - so I went and watched it alone in the cinema-hall. Can you imagine the guts that needed, that too in a small town where I was raised? Much later, when I was taking my first driving lessons, I took the car out on the Bombay roads all alone, even before I got my valid-license. Whoa...that was some adventure. Bombay Traffic ~ everyone knows how it can be, and there I was between those huge BEST Buses trying to get the steering wheel right. Its a miracle, I'm still alive to tell this tale

And then more adventurous me, went trekking all the way to Nepal, backpacking, all alone on a sudden whim. After that, a time came when I wanted to explore life on my own and live totally independent, without being tied down. And I did exactly what my heart said. I flew away from the nest ~ and am still flying.


When I saw this contest, I identified with it immediately. The prize had me *drooling*. Its no less adventure to be part of something like this. And a great one at that. In just a few days ~ Goa! Tata Motors - launch of Zest! Oh, what a perfect setting. And I can't wait to be part of it and boast all about it in Twitter/Facebook. Make everyone jealous. Ah...that'd be such fun.

So, what are the five things, people or situations that Zest up my life?


Travelling - This is one thing that Zest up my life instantly and in great abundance. I love all-expenses paid trips no doubt, but the footloose-fancy free that I am, a complete bohemian nomad - I travel in shoe-string tight budgets too. And trust me, those back-packing trips have been downright the most adventurous in my memory lane and most endearing. GOA, its beaches, the water sports, paragliding...ooohh I'm dreaming already. Don't blame me, you guys ( BlogAdda & TataMotors ) have got me tempted.


Photography - If you love the outdoors, it is natural to love the lenses. Capturing photographs of various things - nature, people, festival, moments ~ Zest me up big time. It is one hobby that gives me most happiness, contentment and compliments my love for travelling too. Whenever I see things around me, the beauty or even the dirty - I love to capture those precious 'candid' moments. And with social-media ruling our lives these days, sharing our clicks has become so much easier and exciting. So, I always pick my camera before leaving home. The anticipation of what I might come across and capture that day, has me all Zest up!


Searching the Dhabas - I often get cautioned by concerned people not to eat roadside food. I do avoid street-food like pani-puris etc. But when I'm travelling, I specifically look out for those roadside dhabas or inns. I think its one way to taste truely authentic food of the place, and I simple love it. All warnings/alerts are ignored. Of course, I try to find clean ones. Many times when the people know you are from outside, they actually offer to cook it new for you. Well, it happened to me several times. And thankfully, I've never fallen ill. With nostalgia I can remember, from the unique Nepali cuisines I got to taste in the north, to the variety of dosas in the south, to a really strange looking but yummy Khasi dish in the far-east. So finding local food in such roadside eateries, has me Zest up for sure. Not to mention the intriguing opportunity to chat up with the locals too.


Journey not the Destination - These are literally golden words ~ and I've lived them. The journey matters more than the destination for sure. Imagine you are inside a car --- doesn't the views that passes by you mesmerize you? Oh...man that's the thrill of rides or long drives. And I'm not saying about your daily to-and-fro trips to work in heavy traffic. Try escaping from the city, there's a whole world out there. And it is not just cars - even the thrill of seeing the earth below from a plane, or passing through dense jungles on a train can be exhilarating. But what's special about the car journey is - you can stop, savour, and lap it all up leisurely. That's what I love about road journeys. The mere thought of a long drive or being-on- road in that 'perfect' car Zest me up.


Car Launch - I was very lucky to be part of Tata Storme launch some time back. And I got to sit inside the beast. Ohhh...all the off-roading and all its features had me awestruck totally. Tata Motors is at it again. Though this car is for another type of adventure altogether - to indulge in our 'zest' for life & varied things. And this time they've named it Zest - so apt. I love the names Tata Motors chooses for its range of vehicles. They strike the right emotional chord. So, even the thought of being part of such a prestigious launch is Zesting-me-up no end, my adrenaline pumped up already. Hope I'm one of the chosen ones.

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( Images : BA & Google ) | Life is all about Zest. The Zest that makes you move out of the ordinary, raise the bar, and unlock exclusive experiences. The thing about zest is that it is a never ending love story. It is also a personal story. Every one of us has our own objects, people, places, moments, memories, food, pets and what not that add Zest to our lives. We all have this mad need to add our own spin to create and snatch magical moments from our otherwise mundane routine. This need is Zest. Unleash Zest and Zest up your life with TataMotorsZest.

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