We have to get rid of this old ugly carpet,
It’s ruining the beauty of our new palace,
The new owner said, looking around the house,
Indeed, the carpet looked so out-of-place.
Faded colours, torn with that awful smell,
The charm of the interiors royally spoilt,
Get rid of it early next morning, was then decided,
Into their rooms for the night, the owners retired.

At night the carpet shed its tears alone,
Its new fate looked so worthless and forelone,
It’ll be separated from the steps, it so loved,
Since the time the house was newly built.

In the night, a burglar was prowling outside,
Seeing the sprawling house, his mouth watered,
Lots to loot, he thought as he crept in,
But before he reached the 'safe' upstairs,
the carpet had him slip-in.
With a loud yell, the burglar fell down the stairs,
The slippery old carpet had him wrapped inside,
The new owners rushed out to see what the noise was,
The old carpet had saved their wealth precious.

Since then, they remained ever so grateful,
Never removed the carpet, from it’s place faithful.

This post is for Magpie Tales 228
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Copyright 2014 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Ha! I like that! Karma carpet.

    1. thanks...i like it too :-)

  2. Well after that the carpet deserved to stay.
    Clever imagination from the prompt ~ Eddie

    Clouds and Silvery Linings

  3. It deserved it
    Good one

  4. Haha - now I'll think twice before I do any home imporvements!


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