Starting June 23'2014, Zindagi TV will bring viewers in India stories from across the border ~ starting with stories from Pakistan that embrace universal emotion.


If you are born in India, Pakistan is one name you've surely heard of, right from your childhood. Whether from school history books or the stories passed on through older generations - we are all too acquainted with it. Many people have their roots in Pakistan and vice versa. Hence, emotions run high between both these nations. Throughout the last 60+ years, inspite of the troubled political reasons, many efforts have been made to bring the two countries together.

Historically, both countries are but the same culture - the clothes, the food, the festivals, the values - everything so similar. Yet, we have been cruely separated. While the borders may remain drawn for ever, nobody can stop the hearts from fluttering for each other, can they? Hence, 'Zindagi' a channel with the philosophy of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' was born. Backed by Zee, it is bound to bring hearts of both nations together and prove for reality #JodeyDilonKo.

I remember when I was young, while cheering for India during cricket matches, I secretly used to have a huge 'crush' on both Imran Khan and Wasim Akram. And after I grew up a bit, being close to music, Pakistan's music mesmerized me. Their Ghazals and Sufiyana style music touched me deep, with their soulful lyrics. I was quite surprised to see many bollywood music directors taking 'inspiration' from Pakistani music, that became such huge 'hits' in India.
Pakistani musicians and actors have been thronging bollywood since many years now. But whats a pleasant surprise is that even our artists, actors and our movies/serials are popular there ( top-rated ) and some of them have even worked in Pakistani films/serials. And to finally be able to view 'legally' some of the best Pakistani serials, will no doubt be a treat.


Bombay Bloggers v/s Delhi Bloggers ~ Live Streaming of the 'heated' Inter-City Debate :p

I have attended several Indi-Meets and every meet has been an enriching experience. I've seen every meet growing bigger and better - hats off to the Indi-Team! So, this was a meet that was held 'live' in two cities and superbly executed with live feeds on two giant screens. What better way than to start off with a Debate straightaway between Bombay & Delhi, right?

I think, the Indi & Zindagi Team wanted to test-run and experiment the #JodeyDilonKo theory with Delhites and Bombaites bloggers first, before proceeding with both the neighbouring countries ( kidding :p ). We nearly had a battle of sorts, regarding which city was better - in road transport, street food, weather, good-looking men and ah last but not the least ~ the best bloggers. Had it been face-to-face, I'm sure we might have come into blows with each other, but the screens and camera-men live-telecasting the event reminded that it was not possible ~ as through technology we could only see & communicate with each other but not touch each other yet. Maybe, that day too will come soon ;-)


The Zee 'Zindagi' Creative, Marketing & PR Team ( Shailja Kejriwal, Akash Chawla, Priyanka Dutta etc ). BTW, Isn't Imran Abbas Hawt?

I think Bombay won the debate hands-down, because not just we got the stylish tables we got to see the 'hawt' Imran Abbas Naqvi too ~ live, in person! :D \YAY/

While Imran reminiscenced his early childhood memories of how he used to adjust the ancient terrestrial antennae to catch signals of Doordarshan,and getting thrilled on hearing the 'nirma' adv - I simply drooled away. He took questions from both the cities; answering them all patiently ( though understandably avoiding the political ones politely ). He seemed a very positive person. It was then 'Lahore' joined in too - yes, connecting three cities now! Imran's conversation with Sultana Siddiqui was quite an interesting one. Never, in my wildest dream did I imagine, a woman would be running the most successful, popular and publicly listed network in Pakistan. That breaks the myths of how we assume pakistani society to be. And Imran humbly credited all his success to the lady too. I loved their sweet Urdu-Guftagu and not to mention Imran's awesome singing - yes, the dude left us awed with his unplugged renditions of two chartbuster songs - 'Aisa Desh hai Mera' and 'Tum hi Ho'!

Talking about Pakistani society ( also its beautiful locations ), I'm glad we'll see more of it through the Zindagi TV channel. Plus point of Pakistani serials are ~ they are focused, time-based and close to reality. They don't drag on for years. It reminds me of how our own serials used to be earlier, when we were glued to Doordarshan - short, sweet & meaningful. I hate long, dragging serials - so this will be a welcome 'refreshing' change. Maybe, our own entertainment Czarina Ekta Kapoor can learn something from it - but wait, Pakistan loves those too, so kinda catch 22 situation :-)


Cheers to #JodeyDilonKo ~ See More Pictures of the Event ~ Here, Here & Here!

So, another meet came to an end ~ amidst yummy food, delightful games & contests and prizes too, hosted by the ever Awesome Duo-some Anoop & Nihal ( of Indi-Team ), along with a new ray of 'Hope' of bettering ties between the two countries through cultural exchanges. Zee 'Zindagi' TV Channel is a great step forward! So, I'm gonna be tuned in from 23rd June'14, what about you?


Zindagi ~ Jodey Dilon Ko!

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  1. A live debate!! Imran !! and bloggers!! wow that sounds so much fun. I too love old Doordarshan serials and yes you are right about misconceptions we have about Pakistan. I guess women their are just as much of a leader as we have in India.

    1. ooh...yes...it was fun! yeah..we do have lot of misconceptions...thankfully the myth was busted :-)

  2. Anonymous07:35

    hi Nandini, Very well written, short and sweet. I also attended Indiblogger meet in mumbai. Do read my post and blog. my link is http://monishchandan.wordpress.com/


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