Oh..hello hello welcome ji! No, you have not entered a Scrap-metal ( kabari ) shop, the pictures you see below are my real family pictures. Confused? Well, let me introduce you to the two patriarchs of my minuscule-sized gadgets family.

ASUSOn your right, meet the Great-Grandpa Old Desky! was young once - more than a decade back, that is; we used to sing romantic duets together then. It was a time of no laptops, hence, Old Desky meant everything to me. It always stood fixed and loyal in one corner, and we were inseparable. But during power cuts, it'd remain shut! ( no battery you see )

Internet was new then, so most of my early hands-on training was on it. As time passed, Old desky proved too human and started showing signs of aging. Its vital organs started giving up, one after another. After treating to various doctors and countless check-ups, suddenly one day it slipped into coma. I was devastated. But then, life moves on, doesn't it? While it still takes up a major portion of my room, I've been too emotional to throw it away, lest it miraculously comes alive someday. Sigh! So, I decided to keep it and show the future generations ~ how the jurassic age of extinct computers looked like, with Old Desky as an example.


ASUSTime is a healer, they say. My tragedy started healing a bit and I met Grandpa Lappy; on your left. It was a time internet had opened up a lot and lots of interesting things happening. Though Granda Lappy was small in size, it had a big heart and tried its best to catch up with times and fulfill all my desires. And my desires list was growing leaps and bounds everyday. Games, Shopping, Books even Banking, Photo/Video sharing, Blogs, Social networking - oh my! The cyber-world was simply not the same anymore. A whole world in itself, it was connected 24x7. And I wanted too.
Funky gadgets soon started springing up everywhere; all claiming to keep you connected. But that would mean, I'd have to carry lots of extras ( eg. smart phones/tablets ) along with my Lappy. Yes, to be connected on the move, was the new 'in-thing'. But my Grandpa Lappy could do only so much. It showed its grudges of being over-worked by hanging every now and then. One day its battery simply gave up ( due to my torture on it, I guess ), and I had to search fervently for a new one. Being phased out as it is, it took quite a while to get the correct battery, phew! And to carry it around was not easy too, as its quite bulky and cumbersome. So, even when I wanted to stay connected to the world, I found myself restricted and boy! it was suffocating. Can you imagine a life without internet?


For a while I tried carrying a smart-phone around, but those tiny things would either keep slipping and falling. Their tiny-keyboards were a headache to work upon. I nearly broke my fingers, with my nails always getting chipped. A wrong punch would mean the machine getting stuck for ages. The satisfaction of a lappy was simply not there in the smartphone.

There are so many things to do on internet that neither my Grandpa-Lappy nor smart phone seemed to be able to keep up with. I desperately needed something that would allow me to have all the fun as well as work effortlessly. I do tonnes of things like checking mails, do ebooks, blogging, plan things, watch movies ( also catch up replays of TV shows on youtube ), download music, play games, browse for good deals like restaurants, movies & gigs, look out for reviews of the same - do online shopping ( lots esp on those cashbacks and coupon sites *drools* ), book flights tickets, network online ( am a social media addict ), share pictures/videos and pay bills too. Whoa...that's a lot! Only a small but powerful machine can help achieve that ~ i.e Truly Transform my life!


Not bulky or heavy, but easy to carry
is my dream machine,
One that works cool; satisfying my multiple needs,
is a gadget efficient.
Battery that lasts long, is virile; staying loyal,
even in difficult times,
Keyboard that doesn't break my fingers, rather compliments,
a perfect dream-partner.


I chanced upon Asus's new Tranformer Book T100 few days ago, and it blew my mind. See its incredible features and you won't help but agree more!

  • 'Ultraportable' sounds so cool, doesn't it? And the fact that it can be 2-in-1 i.e both a tablet as well as laptop is simply unbelievable. A 10 inch dynamic machine, it seems just the answer to my prayers.

  • I like it light, so is the Transformer's claim and with an uber cool processor it is ideal for both work and play. Its super-fast ~ Just what I love! If programmes load fast, then nothing like it cos I hate that 'still loading...' icon.

  • Asus's 'Instant On' along with Microsoft's 'Instant Go' makes for a deadly combination, that'll keep the machine powered on whenever I want and for however long. I seriously love things that are always ready for me, *muah*!

  • Being 2-in-1, I don't have to worry about keyboard or typing issues anymore. Play games, watch movies when I want as a tablet and convert it into a lappy when I want to work stuff.

  • Owning an attractive gadget that makes heads turn is always an incredible feeling. Easy grip and cool features will surely make this machine ~ An Owner's Pride.

    Work Easy, Play Hard! I so wanna own the T100 - like NOW!

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    Time to Transform!
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    1. Interesting Article.All the best

    2. Well, I still use that CRT screen. It still stands out in terms of afford-ability for people like me. :-).

      Well written post and I wish you all the best for this contest.

      Have a nice day.

      1. heya thanks...wish you same :-)

    3. even i have a old desktop with a big huge monitor up in my loft , and its been there since more than 10 years now .. I wonder if it will even start now ...

      technology is such that you buy something today andthe moment you walk out of the showroom there is something better than that already out ..

      enjoyed the article

    4. Very ur blog....


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