So, I have a budget of Rs.1500/- only, and have to fill my bag with 5 beauty essentials. I generally have more than 5, but they might be variation of the same item. For example, I might have two different face-washes ( usually the smaller sized ones ) or lipstick and so on. But if I have to travel light ( esp at work ) and need to carry the most essential ones ( discarding the extras ), what would I pick? Well, see for yourself :-)


1. Votre 3 in 1 Creme Cleanser, 30 g - Rs. 110 :
Dust, sweat, oil and grime,
Cleansing impurities away,
It makes you shine.
A & D, it has got its vitamins,
Omega3, aloe-vera too,
Suiting all skins.
Hydrated, nourished and toned,
You can't help, but, feel clean,
For a skin that is
Healthy, relaxed and happy,
Must it is, a thorough Votre cleansing.


2. Auravedic Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea 100 g - Rs. 225 :
Essential is this skin weapon,
That keeps you safe from bruises and burns.
Unisex it is; versatile, for face as well as hair,
Moisturizes, enhancing the skin,
It also makes you fair.
Aloe-vera and green tea,
Added with lots more
Ingredients of good variety,
Light it is, too; easy to carry!


3. Sattvik Organics Remedy For Sun Tan Removal Cream, SunBan Remedy 100 g - Rs. 224 ( after discount ) :
With the Sun above,
Showing no mercy,
Like the powerful Sattvik Organics,
I need a sun tan remedy.
Like its name, it ‘Bans’
the harmful sunrays,
Natural ingredients like Turmeric, Saffron;
Acts as ultimate protective shield.
No more blemishes, pigmentations
Do I have to suffer; or sun-burns,
Because in my beauty bag
Is Sattvik Sun Ban!


4. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal, Black - Rs. 700 :
My eyes are my assets,
And there’s no compromise.
While I may see price tags for other products,
I’m on a spending spree, for my eyes.
I always keep a Kajal,
Cos’ it makes one look so attractive,
Even when you‘re dead tired; exhausted.
I experiment, different shades
With a single eye pencil,
Yes, it is possible
Just by outlining the eyes; thick or thin.


5. Lotus Herbals Pure Color, GOLDEN DUSK 685 Moisturising - Rs. 245 :
Like the Kajal,
I treasure my Lipstick,
Without it, I feel so incomplete.
Not just the colour,
It has other properties,
Moisturizes and protects from sun-rays,
It merrily multi-task's away.
Extracts of Jojoba and Aloe-vera,
Water-proof with Matte finish,
Non-allergic, it gets absorbs easily,
Even in the most sensitive of skins.

'Beauty' they say ~ is skin deep. Real beauty is the inner beauty. While it may be true, we also need to take care of our outer beauty. Our features may never change, but using right products do enhances & protects :-)


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