The nation is waiting with bated breath. Not for the 2014 general election results - that promises to be the ultimate entertainment in reality TV, but the climax of a particular romance that mushroomed in midst of all the mayhem. A romance ~ so unique, and one that promises a happy ending just like a fairy tale!

The romance has a Raja, and mind you, he is a real raja with aristocratic lineage ( he doesn't look like one :o ), although India is a democracy too now. The romance also has a damsel, who'll soon be his Rani. Yes, he accepted their relation in public and announced their marriage plans - which I must say, needs lots of guts; particularly if you are a 67 year old widower and an infamous politician of a corrupt party to boot. So, the nation is indeed waiting for this grand+(un)holy matrimonial union. The party, even if they loose, will surely get more than 300 seats ~ in where else but ~ Diggi Raja's wedding reception!

Nobody would've cared much about this relation, as it is not really uncommon for humans to fall in love and have relationships, right? Wrong! Because, this ain't a normal human we're talking about. He has been infamous for running his mouth, criticizing any and everyone - related to the opposition esp R.S.S/B.J.P/Modi, and literally went guns after Modi with personal attacks when the latter admitted that he had a wife ( although separated ).

I've always wondered about Karma. And the recent happenings prove that Karma really bites! When his personal photographs with the damsel got leaked and went viral, making him a butt of jokes - he put on a brave face and acknowledged his relation, also condemning that his privacy was encroached upon. So, Raja'ji when you encroach on other's privacy so unabashedly ~ its 'wah wah'; and when others do unto you ~ its 'tauba tauba'! Double standards, eh?

Anyways, since everything is out already, deal with it :D And always be prepared for Karma - what goes around, comes around! And How!
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