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I'm seriously having a BIG crush on Arjun Kapoor. This guy is just too hawt! From Ishaqzaade-Gunday and now Two States, this guy has me drooling away. He has that earthy-rustic charm that's so irresistible, although he is primarily a bombay-city guy. Okay okay, so the alphabet was 'T' and not 'A' - Blame the hottie Arjun for this distraction.

Coming to the movie, let me talk a bit about the book first. I see everyone criticizing Chetan Bhagat, yet they all shamelessly wait for his next releases too ( maybe to criticize him more..haha ). I have all his books, and somewhat liked them all. His writing is simple, just like mine ( maybe that's why :D ) as I'm not much into purist/Shakespearean literary stuff. And Two States was my most favourite of all his books. I remember, I had made a mental prediction when I first read it - that surely someday a movie will be made out of it. And ta da! Here it is - the movie!

The chemistry is just superb between the two - Alia and Arjun ( see their on-screen smooches and love-making scenes for yourselves to believe ;-)
I loved Alia's costumes in the movie. I must also mention Amrita Singh and Revathi who lit up the screen with their power-packed acting. The story was obviously the same as the book. However, on celluloid it was just too perfect. And Arjun - Uff ye kya Locha-E-Ulfat ho gaya, lol :-)

UPDATE - Just learnt this hottie admitted recently that he had a two year old serious relationship with Arpita Khan ( sister of super-hunk Salman Khan ) when he was 18. And just 2 years back ( at 26 then ) he was caught red-handed with Malaika Arora Khan doing some eerrr hanky-panky ( canoodling ). And Malaika is his now ex-Arpita's sister-in-law. How could you crash my heart this way, Arjun? How could you? Phew!

This post is part of the A-Z challenge for April'2014. Except Sundays, post everyday with 26 alphabets.

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  1. Alia's costumes and earrings were to die for in the movie. And their chemistry is totally unbelievable.


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