On 21st March'14, I got to be part of the red-carpet for a special movie preview screening of MTV's Sunsilk RealFM, that was held exclusively for bloggers. And yes! You got that right! I got to see the full movie even before its official release, that is scheduled for 23rd March. Now, that's a real privilege, ain't it? The event was successfully held simultaneously, both in Bombay and Delhi. And the red-carpet experience was amazing not to say the least. We walked it, posed in front of cameras et al :D I wished we signed some autographs too ;-)

So, what's all this about, you may wonder. We all know, for some time now MTV has been producing more of youth-centric and reality based programmes, even though I miss the music so much! *sigh* Anyways, adding to that catalogue is the launch of the new ~ MTV Films, that shall air soon. MTV Films are made exclusively for Television consumption by famous bollywood film makers. So the quality, story-line and production values are not compromised at all. And with the backing of equally ( if not more ) famous brands, the whole packaging is mind blowing not to say the least. But the best part is that, even though these films are inspired by the brands, the brand message is kept subtle and not pushed down our i.e the audience's throat. And the first glimpse of this kind of sensitive branding was seen at the screening of this particular movie. No-where do you feel the overwhelming presence of the brand - because the story-line ( a very good well written script ) with a socially relevant message, the cast ( every actor fits their respective roles ), their performances ( though new, superb flawless performances ) and even the music ( rustic and earthly ) etc is given more importance - and you actually don't mind spotting the brand somewhere integrated in the background, as though it is a part of the movie itself and doesn't look out of place or irritating.

The movie directed by Akarsh Khurana, produced by Anurag Basu; and staring Veera Saxena, Malhar Rathod, Abir Abrar & Preetika Chawla is all about friendship and dedication. It is filled with good doses of rightly-timed emotions, right humour quotient, lots of inspiration and driven with motivation. The movie focuses on the music too, and picks up tunes from literally all the states from across India. Hence, it is very refreshing and shall touch chords pan-India.

The story is about a 22 year old young girl and her group of friends, their camaraderie. How they find themselves facing a challenge one day, and how they overcome it head-on! Rhea, the protagonist's father is admitted to the hospital after the workers of his FM Station, threaten to leave if no increment is immediately provided. To salvage the situation, Rhea and her friends try to figure out things, with only few hours in hand. And of course, Google baba helps them out. There's nothing quite like Google now, is there? So, the girls who didn't have any prior experience on how to run the equipment in a radio station, learns so with the help of Google ( not without some minor funny hiccups ). The good thing is, its all really believable - thanks to the good performances of the characters and the sleek direction, no doubt. The background music keeps the audience's attention glued to the screen.

For a change, the girls do not dish out the usual boring routine of a radio station; instead treads a new path of innovation in the programming. Instead of playing the usual old patriotic songs during Independence day, that happens across hundreds of FM Stations all over; they collect artists from various states and broadcast live performances of music from all parts of India via the radio station. Those artists that they could not manage, from a few states, are easily filled in by the common man on the road. Yes! Singing in their native tongue, which makes it unique content. The message being, whole India lives in the city, along with their cultural diversities in harmony. Also is interestingly captured, the views of common Indians on what they'd like to do for India; the dreams and aspirations they have. There's some stand-up comedy which actually stood up towards the end and tickled the funny bones ( beginning with some silly PJ's and ending with hilarious C.A jokes ). Indeed, humour is when we can make fun of ourselves and not necessarily of others. And not to forget the don-bhais from Chattisgarh who became protectors of the station. In the end, the girls as a team make a success out of it, so much so that even the Sunsilk contract with the radio station gets renewed, and daddy dearest relieved and proud.

The movie throws out the cliches that girls cannot do things, or take care of parents. For his debut, Akarsh has done a pretty impressive job. A very inspiring & total paisa-wasool movie. The director and two of the actors were present at the event.

Making of the Movie : We got to see some behind-the-scenes moments and some sound bytes from the main characters. Sunsilk brand was involved, where the actors were given samples to use before shoot as well. Indeed, each character looks very distinct, greatly styled; with their hair awesome!
Catch them all this Sunday, 7PM @MTV and Enjoy!


Catch the Music Video of Sunsilk RealFM Here! Watch Preview 1, Preview 2 & Full.

The bloggers, The screening & The Cast. See More Event Pics - Here

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