I was in two minds about writing this piece. Its not really a pleasant topic to write ~ especially when we are dreaming of 5Star chocolates here, with our mouths watering; and certainly not a humourous one too! But then my contests posts always gets the maximum visitors, so I decided to go ahead and utilize it for this very serious topic ( atleast for me it is ) bugging my head for quite a long time now!
As much as we are developing, we seem to be becoming more and more uncivilized. Yes, our dresses are getting shorter and shorter, and one day we might wear nothing at all like those ancient people. But I'm not here to talk about clothes. What I'll talk about may make you bit queasy, but bear with me - it just might make little sense at the end of it, after all.

Okay so, I/we go to various Malls and big 5star hotels ( for shopping or various Meet-ups etc ), and a wash-room is what we usually search for, after spending hours in those premises to answer nature's call. Now with westernization, we find the western style commodes almost everywhere. We think we are modern, hi-fi and all. But are we hygienic too? With these western styles I never feel that, at all. No matter how clean they keep the toilets, if we can't clean our ass*s - how on earth are we hygienic or clean? Its called a wash-room, and we can't even 'wash'! Ain't that sad, pathetic?

For one, these places are frequented by so many people in the day. Just count how many ass*s must've sat in those commode seats before us! Perhaps hundreds in a day and thousands in weeks/months.Yikes!!! For this reason I prefer the Indian style desperately. Although, it is squatting, atleast my as*s doesn't touch anyone else's ( though indirectly, as it happens with western ones!! )
And the other thing is, though there's the flush for the toilet, there ain't a drop of water to wash ourselves. All they have is toilet paper which is kinda tissue paper. I never feel clean using them, unless I've splashed water. How on earth can a person feel clean, just by wiping their as*s with a piece of tissue? Its like those ancient people wiping theirs, with leaves after shitting. So are we really modern or still in stone ages, when we use these so called western commodes?

I don't wanna say anything about westerners, they are used to it. But what the hell is wrong with Indians? Why are they aping the west so blindly that they are discarding their much sensible older methods, to be one of those unwashed lots? I came across the following video recently; it seems the westerners are slowly realizing their folly too and are trying to adapt the Indian squatting styles into their lifestyle now. Will it be like Yoga too? Unless the west adopted yoga, we used to ignore it. Now that the west is slowly incorporating Indian style, only then Indians will finally respect their age-old squatting?

Western Commode mei sach mai #ConditionSerious ho jaate hai :o

P.S: After reading this post, I'm sure your condition has become really serious - Go have a 5Star! :D


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