Write, Inspire and Network!

My friend once asked me - Oh! But Why Blogging?
She was confused, she was puzzled.
Why most of my life was dedicated to Blogging?
Was I nuts. Was my life boring?
Her confused state was simply overwhelming.
I knew then, I had to clear her doubts.
Took her to one corner,
Sat her down and to put her mind to rest,
Narrated alas, my tale of a blogger...

Once upon a time, I began, I was a young girl,
Who loved to write stories and poems,
Or simply scribble my thoughts at random.
But as I grew, life's harsh realities struck,
And quest for survival, made me move amuck,
Digging lucrative activities, stable career,
To a fake life, did I surrender....

I pursued then goals, day and night,
Never did I rest, without a fight,
Tasted success, soared heights,
But still happiness,
Was nowhere in sight.
Something was missing,
Something empty within,
Something broken deep,
Something dead, I slowly realized...

I was only doing what others expected of me,
I was far away from the expressive person,
I was meant to be...
A stranger to myself now,
I missed the person, I once was,
Full of thoughts, puzzles and new ideas,
When creativity was once me,
And me creativity.

I missed it all now, and craved it back,
Wanted to become the person, I was, long back,
Hold my reins again and take my life back,
My vanity, passions alas; I snatched back.
It's by sheer chance, that I entered the blogging world,
Though no more paper, pencil or pen - I held,
It still gave me a chance to explore & express!

I saw the super success of other bloggers, ranked far ahead,
That gave a bleak hope that blogging was not waste,
But pretty worthwhile, instead...
So with a new zeal, I started my blogging journey,
To re-capture, what I thought I had lost, for eternity.
I blogged, and blogged and I rocked,
Whatever I thought, I put them all down on my Blog.

I blogged to improve myself and motivate,
I blogged to uplift my self-confidence,
I blogged, because it let me freely pen my emotions,
Even when I'm down, blogging gave me cheerful reasons.
Gradually people thronged too and applauded,
Got recognition, won number of contests & awarded.
It was a new kinda satisfaction, I finally got,
The kind, while I was a young girl, always sought.
Yes, I blogged to Write, Inspire and Network!

Book reviews, product reviews,
New prospects, introduced me to so much new,
Brands too were giving bloggers now, importance anew,
'Cos blogger's voice was the common man's voice,
More credible, hence, easier to gain trust...
Blogging made my world more smaller, yet big,
I gained lots of visitors too, from various countries,
Which opened the whole world of new opportunities,
My life took a new turn,
With writing, inspiring and networking.

Blogging to me, is now more than just a hobby of mine,
My Calling, I live and breath blogging,
Without it, a minute, I won't survive.
Blogging has given me joys, pleasures abound,
And through my blogging too,
I try spread happiness and information around.

Even though I have another life, and is still a busy bee,
Blogging is my partner; my faithful alibi!
While I continue onwards on my blogging odyssey,
Cherry on my Blogging pie will be,
The spirit of Winning spree! :-)



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  1. An interesting tale! well written..

  2. You poured my heart out in your poem, Nandini. This is my outlook about poetry!! Great poem! Your friend must have created a blog too :P


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