In my previous Indiblogger WeChat contest entry, unlike others who chose to write mostly Harry Potter stuff, I had touched upon politics and corruption - albeit, in a humourous way. Little did I know that there'd be another amazing contest by WeChat again, touching upon the same subject. While in my earlier entry, I had the great Rajnikant and Yamraaj solving the problems of corrupt politicians instantly, this time however I'm glad I was given the opportunity to present my cause/concern in a more realistic manner. We cannot depend on a Rajnikant or Yamraaj - We Have To Do It Ourselves if we seriously want problems solved.

How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to vote in the Indian General Elections 2014 using social mobile apps? - It asked.

To find out I opened my smart-phone wondering what all possibilities I could explore. I heard buzzes all over and wondered where I was, when suddenly I found myself added to one strange group. It was filled with other WeChat users too. They were equally confused as I was. Soon we found out why :-)


So, we all made a vow to spread the 'message' using each social networking application possible, so that it reaches all youth. Almost every youngster these days, uses these social apps ( like WeChat that has some really cool sharing options - see below ). So the message of 'Exercising one's Right to Vote to the Right Candidate' will surely reach all. We've already started - come join in the revolution. Lets all not just bring, but Be The Change! :-)
Ready to get your fingers inked coming 2014 elections? We are!


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This post is part of Indian General Elections 2014 contest in association with Indiblogger
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( WeChat is a new, powerful and absolutely free mobile communication tool. It supports voice/video/photo/text messages. You can also do group chats, or you can find new friends nearby to talk to. WeChat works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry devices.
Besides the cool 'Live text chat', 'Voice' and 'Video' messages, it has some other really cool features like 'Shake', 'Moments', 'Drift Bottle', 'Look around' etc all loaded with some cool customized 'Emoticons' to make the chat a really enjoyable and fun experience. )

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  1. This post sure speaks loud! The conversation-style presentation of your post is very apt with the contest.

    I also read a few other posts of yours. Just a suggestion- increasing the font-size will make the reads more enjoyable. Though these are good still.

  2. Excellent write up. I found gold reading your blog content, many things I found here amaze me. Good work you guys.

  3. great work with app idea. loved the convo

  4. Anonymous09:51

    Wow, Nandini. I loved this post and the big boss one too. All the best for the contest.

  5. very creative post Nandini..

    All the best for contest :)


    1. thanks, ATB to you too :-)

  6. Seeing is believing! Very creative.


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