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I am acknowledging Knitha's Tag and participating in (P.A.S.S.) I am tagging Ayushi in this post.
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Andheri raaton mein sunsaan rahon par,
Har zulm mitaane ko ek masiha nikalta hai,
Jise log shahenshah kehate hain.

Whenever he came on the big-screen the above song played, and the audience whistled. He went around bashing villians, who peed their pants out of fright at the sight of him - but nothing impressed the girl.
I hate that unclean stubble - she'd frown and say. In one corner she'd sit sulking leaving the mighty Shahenshah scratching his beard, at his wits end wondering - how to woo the girl!?

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One day when he was sleeping, he saw Shri Krishna in his dreams. The Lord was clean shaven, and had thousands of gopis swarming around him like bees. All were madly in love with the Basuriwala! They sang and danced in praise of the dashing Lord. Krishna then turned suddenly and winked at him. He instantly knew then what he had to do. So, he got a Gillette Razor and shaved.

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The girl saw him and couldn't believe her eyes.
She danced and danced and danced.....His clean shaven look bowled her over!

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  1. Hahahaha... Nice one...really funny :)

    Hey Nandini, I'm also writing for the PASS, and need someone to tag, and get tagged by...Would you help??? Here is the link for my blog... ADOLESCENCE and my facebook id is https://www.facebook.com/ayushi.khare.399 Let me know if you are interested. Thank you :)

    1. hi ayushi...ok..tagged you in this post...you can acknowledge in your next :-)

  2. Hey Nandini,

    I have tagged you here. http://www.numerounity.com/2013/12/up-close-and-personal.html

  3. Hey Nandini..I took the liberty to tag you in a PASS post. Hope you will accept.

    Loved your post...All the best for the contest.


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