Theme for Nov 1, 2013 'WOW' : ‘On Being Watched!’ This time your entry must contain, ‘One thing he/she/they didn’t know that they were being watched.’ ( set of 55 fictions )

  1. Shop Lifter...

An actress sat fidgeting; another story was being narrated.
Usual boring routine it was.

Acting, movies, studios, lights – that’s all she knew.
She wanted a change now, an adventure!

Bored, she walked off midway. She strolled into a mall.
Picking things stealthily, she walked out.

‘One thing she didn’t know that she was being watched.’

  2. Making Out...

“Oh my baby, I can’t wait anymore,” he urged seductively, running his fingers all over her.

Behind, the waves of the seas roared upon the rocks.
Uuumm…aahh, she moaned.

They were both at their favourite hideout-spot, making out.

‘One thing they didn’t know that they were being watched.’
A havaldar nearby soon cracked upon them.

  3. Tenant's Pickle...

Tinku and Pinku looked around. It was deserted noon-time.

“You go first.” Tinku said. They were breaking into their tenant’s apartment.
They couldn’t resist the ‘pickle-achar’ whose aroma wafted upto the children’s room upstairs.

As they broke in, they heard a shuffle behind. The watchman glared.
If only they knew, they were being watched.

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  1. Loved both your stories...the first one better. Never tried 55 fiction before :) all the best for the wow...

    1. thanks @preethi...try 55 they are quite fun to write :-)

  2. well done,both 55ers are nice

  3. nice fictions :)

  4. boredom does create some adventure

    1. yeah you're right, thanks :-)

  5. Wow! Two fiction 55 ers.loved both of them.

  6. Nice stories as usual, Nandini!
    Your 1st story has one item common with my story for this week's WOW- CCTV Camera! :)
    Theft is sure to be tracked! :)


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