Growing up in a small city in the north-east, my early childhood days were quite healthy. With the exception of seasonal common cold or a rare upset tummy, I didn't face any major health hurdles. I was quite thin as a child, but still my immunity towards diseases was strong, mainly because we were only fed home cooked meals and had to lead disciplined lives. I was enrolled in a number of sport activities that kept me active and fit.
However, once I shifted to a city like Bombay, suddenly I was faced with all kinds of illness. From back to back jaundice, irritating skin ailments to consistent migraine - all these health monsters scared the hell out of me. I realized it was mainly due to the drinking water or air around which was not as pure and fresh as my native home town's was, or even the outside food that I frequently ate compared to the home cooked food that I was long used to; and of course the over-stressed lives that this super-fast busy city mercilessly subjects it's residents to. Not just me, other people too in cities like Bombay are often prone to such diseases, including the ones who have been born and brought up here.
I was advised to take Dabur Chyawanprash to battle out the health issues. I had to start from scratch to build up my immune defenses. And had to be ever cautious of what I ate, drank and breathed. My body has since adapted itself and I'm not as ill as before, when I first landed here. I also have to thank Dabur Chyawanprash that has acted as a protective shield. My mother is a big fan of Dabur Chyawanprash, and she sends me the jar all the way from my hometown regularly - 'cos at times I tend to be careless about it.


In today's times, with the deluge of artificially processed food, polluted air, questionable chemically-made drugs that leaves a host of side-effects instead of curing - we have to re-think and re-structure our lifestyles. Apart from going back to our Ayurvedic roots, there are certain steps we got to take, to make India ( also the world ) Immune! Fortunately, we know some of the secrets already that'll help us achieve that goal. And we have to start from early childhood itself :-) TO BUILD AN IMMUNE INDIA!

1. Breast Milk - The most important and vital necessity for a baby. A mother's milk provides the most basic natural immunity for a baby and protects it. And it is very important to breast-feed for as long as possible. The first year is an absolute must.

2. Diet - What we eat is what we become. If we eat healthy, we remain healthy. If we eat unhealthy we face the consequences. Fresh fruits and green vegetables are very important for a child as well as for grown ups. Non-pesticide foods are always the healthiest. Whether veg or non-veg, eating in a balance and in moderate quantities will help keep the body balanced too.

3. Drink - Fresh water!!! That doesn't mean you drink water directly from the taps. Make sure water is first boiled or filtered, so that germs/bacteria are kept away. Flush away beverages like Coke/Pepsi down the toilet, cos they only harm your body. Never give such unhealthy things to a child even if they throw a tantrum. Treat them with fresh fruit juices instead. Make them drink Lemon water or other citrus juices regularly for their regular dose of vitaminC

4. Vaccinate - Be it polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis etc - it is very important to vaccinate your child to protect them against such diseases. Thankfully there are many free vaccination programmes run by the govt, so be aware of them and take your child to the nearest centre at the earliest and whenever required. Never miss!

5. Hygiene - Cleanliness and observing good personal hygiene fights many germs by default. Washing our hands regularly ( esp before food intake ), having a good bath/shower regularly ( while coming from outside ) is important. Using warm/hot water ( with Neem leaves ) for these purposes, kills most of the germs in our hands/body instantly. Also it is important to keep the surroundings clean. Do not let garbage gather for days. Keep your house dirt/dust/insects free. Extend cleanliness beyond your homes too.

6. Nature - Nature builds immunity by itself. Be as close to nature as possible. Games, other outdoor activities and walking are vital for a child as well as an adult. Encourage your child to take part in outdoor activities - it not only helps in building immunity, but it shall also make your child confident and extroverted. And a surya namaskar or absorbing enough sun-light everyday is necessary for the essential vitamins that our skin requires.

7. Sleep - God made us living beings in such a way, that a major part of our lives goes in sleeping. And it is for a reason too. Sleeping is to get rest ( mind and body ) so that we can face a new day again with more vigour and energy. Sleep conserves our energy and is very important. For a child as well as adult, proper sleep is very important. It reduces stress, keeps our organs functioning smooth.

8. Donot Overburden - Today's life is all about competition, excelling in studies, getting good marks etc. Many parents have lots of expectations from their kids. Not just studies, they push their kids to excel everywhere. Some scold or even physically punish their children if they fail to match up to their expectations. This is very wrong and cruel. It over burdens a kid. Every kid has their own limitations, understand them and encourage only in those areas where they show interest and progress.

9. Set an example - Many parents drink/smoke right in front of their kids. A child's mind is very impressionable. What he sees around, he want to do them too. And naturally parents being their most closest ideals, they sooner or later try to ape their parent's habits too. So setting a good example by yourself, as a parent, is very important. Avoid all the smoking, drinking, hookahs or drugs when a child is around. Avoid them for your own health too.

10. Go Ayurveda - Stay away from all the chemical drugs and medicines as much as possible. Do not run to a doctor at the slightest sign of a fever or cough. They'll never cure you completely, but instead, will only give you hundreds of other side-effects. We have many ingredients at our disposal right in our homes i.e in our kitchen itself, that has a wealth of health remedies. Many herbs/spice that we use in our food can actually tackle most common ailments too. Internet has made it easy to study ayurveda in depth, for more knowledge about them.


Why Dabur Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash is the age old Ayurvedic preparation that is good, and very safe for health and has been passed down through generations. Dabur is one of the first branded Chyawanprash which is totally ayurvedic in its approach, hence purely natural. Over the last few decades, it has become the most popular and trusted brands ( voted the 'power brand' ) that actually gives results - in providing 3 times more immunity and help fights monsters like infections, flu and other viruses. It is the weapon against cough and common cold. It also has a sugar-free option to choose from and now it comes in 2 other flavours too - mango and orange ( besides the original flavour ).

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An Immune India
Everyday our body is attacked by bacteria, viruses, dust, weather changes, infections and a million more hostile environmental factors. Since the immune system in children is still developing, they have lower immunity than adults and hence are more vulnerable to falling ill as compared to adults. Kids form our world, define our future. They are a reflection of a nation’s health and progress. It's our duty to ensure that our children have a healthy environment; an environment that helps them develop a strong foundation and a body that is built on a strong immune system.
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  1. A good post, Nandini, short and crisp :) The 8th point too does take a toll on Children. The Indian parent pressurises children, wanting them to perform well constantly...

  2. Beautifully written. Liked the suggestions you give. All the best for the contest.

    My entry for the contest is at Hope you like it.

    1. thank you and ATB to you too :-)

  3. Good one! And you found the time to write and post this while on Chennai Express?. Wow! All the best babe! :-)

    1. thanks for reading @Seeta ..

  4. Best of luck for the contest :) well written!

  5. you have highlighted the main points for building immunity nicely. all the best for contest.

  6. you are right Nandini..having spent the first 15 years of my life in pollution free assam and then suddenly moving to a much polluted city called kolkata had taken a toll on my health too. in a way my experience is very similar to yours. loved this post. all the best for the contest.
    my entry-

    1. hi Aparna....nice to know you're from the same khobor :-)


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