There are two different set of products offered by AmbiPur in their exclusive home-range.

  • Ambi Pur Air Effects : Spray for instant freshness with natural subtle fragrance.
  • Ambi Pur Set & Refresh : Place to release perfumed oils continuously to keep air fresh for upto 60 days.
    Each have their own two sets of beautiful fragrances to choose from ( along with few others ) :
    1. Blossom & Breeze | 2. Thai Dragon Fruit


    Recently Ambipur along with Indiblogger had sent me the 'car mini-vent clip' and I awed by the tiny yet powerful thing. So when I came upon Ambipur's Home Range, I instantly knew that I had to get it. Good thing was, Indiblogger and Ambipur was offering free samples to bloggers to try it out and write feedback on it. So I applied for one immediately ( I simply love it when companies offer free samples so that we can judge for ourselves before becoming a loyal customer ). I waited patiently and though it took a while for the home fragrance to arrive - it ultimately did. And Boy! Was I glad!

    It came in a cute white package ( see picture below ) which was well sealed. And when I opened it, the 275g air freshner greeted me. I had chosen the "Blossom & Breeze" air effects fragrance, which is an attractive one with flower motifs in mild pink colours in a white background and its pump/trigger - a mild blue/pink colour. The product is made in Thailand, imported exclusively by P&G.

    Just when I was checking out the product, my relative who was on a visit to Bombay, got busy in the kitchen. She is from Kolkatta and living there has made her a fish maniac. Though I love eating fish, I can't stand its smell, which actually prevents me from buying them myself ever. But since my relative was on a visit, I couldn't stop her. She went ahead and bought a kilo of it - a nightmare for me. She loves those dried fish, can you imagine that? They stink the most. So, the days she was here, I had to tolerate all her smelly indulgences. But with Ambipur in my hand now, it seemed I finally had the perfect weapon to tackle the fish-smell attacks on my nostrils So, the days my relative was in my place, Ambipur was my saviour. Thankfully it eliminated the odours leaving behind a fresh flowery smell, thus freshening the air instantly - and leaving me with a much needed gasp of relief!!

    Ambipur is like a breath of fresh air - it literally sweeps away the stale and stifling odours instantly. Yet another proof I got of it was very recently.

    Our apartment building has the garbage guy who comes every day to collect garbage from each homes. But during Diwali to my horror, he took leave ( to go to his native place ) - just when his services were most urgently required. Diwali being the festival time with guests flocking over, last thing you need is a stinking garbage bin lying in the corner of the house. And because the garbage collecting guy vanished, I was left at my wits end. There's no garbage disposal unit near my house, so the first three days I was totally dependent on Ambipur ( till I thought of a solution at least ).

    Ambipur Air Effects very effectively killed the nasty stink, and left its flowery fragrance behind Thus, I was saved from embarrassement when some guests came over for celebrations. On the fourth day, thankfully the garbage guy came, much to my relief. But I remain grateful to Ambipur who spread the fresh flowery feel around my house, even when there was 3 days old garbage lying in my kitchen corner. So, with such positive experience I'll naturally recommend the Ambipur Home Range highly to everyone. Believe me, it is the ultimate saviour from bad odours. And a must for every household. So get one today to keep your home feel fresh 24x7 :-)


    The ingredients used in the product are worth taking a notice too. It has the Odour Eliminator, water, fragrance,non-flammable natural propellant ( nitrogen - where both mixture and propellant are non-flammable ). Priced at Rs.220/- and available at all major retail/online outlets, its a steal :-)

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    Ambi Pur Smelly to Smiley - Runner-up
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