It really saddens me some people visit blogs, lifts other people's ideas and make their posts/contest entries stealing other people's hard work. If you have such intention, please stop visiting my blog! Just as recently as today, I saw two of my works ( BA Contest entries ) lifted idea-wise completely, both by the same person. Modifying here and there, adding 1-2 extra lines, still makes you a copy-cat!

On the day it was copied ( 14th Oct ) this person's IP was logged on-off several times within span of 594 minutes in my site. The person goes to my contests label and digs out the posts too. And from the pic below, you can easily find which post has been copied so blatantly. The only thing is the person took same poetry format of mine and the points I made, and changed the wordings a bit.
NetRange: -
( Logged IP ) ( Location ) India.Maharashtra Mumbai ( I.S.P ) Shree Omkar Infocom Pvt Ltd
OrgName: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre


This person recently screamed the whole place down saying everyone copied her. Look at the time she spends stalking my blog. And yeah very conveniently lifting my ideas too >> Clue : Bitstrips!
My stalker is back - now she wanna rip another >> Caught Ya psycho!

That slimy copy-cat,
Smellier than the rat,
Screams down the whole place,
Accusing others of crimes
She herself commits.
Justice, justice; she screams,
Threatens to bring even the cops in,
Yet, shamelessly stalks others
Their posts she skims n copies.
She is smart though, not word for word
But ideas she steals,
Unawares, there's someone tracing her IPs,
With every actions of her's, logged in!

( This poem is specially dedicated to my chennai-stalker who shamelessly ripped my malaysia contest post. )

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