So, a while ago I was simply browsing the net, chatting and doing my regular blah blah completely unaware of time. When my tummy growled in protest, I looked at my watch. It was already 2.10 pm noon. I remembered that I had not eaten anything since I woke up, so that's why my tummy was growling insanely. Feeling lethargic, I was feeling too lazy to hop over to the kitchen to cook myself something.
Instead, I searched my phone which was lying on the bed, where I was sprawled with my lappy on my front, and dialed my favourite home delivery number.

"Chicken Hakka noodles, chahiye - jaldi!" I repeated a few times making sure I drilled it inside the person's head on the other end of the phone, who was taking my order. The address, they already knew by heart since I've been their most faithfully regular customer.

Within 12 minutes, I jumped at the knocking sound on the door. They were here already, so fast. Wow, I was impressed. And I ran to open the door, grabbing the money mid-way from my purse.
The all too familiar looking delivery boy thrusted out the parcel at me, grabbed the money from my hands and went off in a hurry ( it was raining heavily outside ). I also took the parcel back to my bed happily, all ready to gobble up whatever was there inside.

But lo' and behold, I found a strange looking white 'dabba' instead, not the usual packing for noodles. I opened it and found a strange brown liquid inside. I opened the crumpled reciept slip and it said - Chicken masala. Now, I should be happy if a Chicken masala arrives at my door step, right? No! It ain't right at all. I can't eat the liquid alone all by itself, although it looked delicious, tempting and smelt heavenly. To enjoy that I'd have to slog and cook some rice to go along with it as well. Nah, there's no way I was gonna cook today.

Pissed off, I reached my phone again. "Aare yeh kya bhej diya? Hakka noodles bola tha, aapne chicken masala kyu bhej di? Woh ladka abhi paisa leke gaya." I thundered on the phone.
"Madam kuch gadbad ho gayi, abhi bhijwata hu," pat came the reply somewhat meekly, twice. So, another 10 minutes passed by, and then the door knocked again. I flew to open it, taking the 'gadbad' masala parcel along, ( no, I didn't try to taste it, tempted as I was, I'm a good girl you see ), The delivery boy was huffing & puffing from this double trip. He took the packet from me, gave me an irritated look ( it wasn't my fault buddy ), handed over the new parcel and vanished within seconds. And so, finally within a span of 30 minutes or so my Hakka saga ended, with me pushing down the entire contents until they reached my tummy. My tummy growled again, but this time happily. And I sat down to write this masterpiece.


Now, point to ponder - the Hakka costs 110, and Chicken masala costs 120, but the delivery boy didn't return me the balance of 10/- bucks. Should I ring them up or is it too late for that, and I should forget the 10 bucks? *sniff* Gadbad kare koyi, bhugte koyi, hmph!

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  1. Too good...glad that u finally got your hakka.. well same happened with me yesterday (i asked for mix parantha and got only aaloo parantha) but i ate whatever was delivered to me without complaining. :p

    1. oh aloo paratha tastes yummy too, maybe thats why you didnt complain :-p


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