Those late teens we get very excited. Not only we finally become adults and get to vote, we also get to drive! Ain’t that simply fantastic? I was still in college when I got my driver’s license. It had been my dream to drive our family car for quite some time. So, that first ‘virgin’ drive that I got to drive alone on the roads, all by myself, was something I was really longing for.

Convincing my parents was bit hard though, but then I had passed my driving test with flying colours. I tried flaunting my license in front of them ( to impress them ), and also did little emotional blackmail stuff, like, only if I was allowed to drive all by myself, will my confidence peak and I’d be an awesome driver in future.

My parents were of old school of thoughts. My father had himself learnt driving when he already had teenage kids ( i.e us). So, seeing the younger generation asking to drive as their birth right, so early, was quite unnerving for them. Anyhow, I managed to convince at last. Before that I must confess a little ‘secret’ here.

Before getting the driver’s license, all students get a learner’s license. And it was then, my real adventure had began, which I kept somewhat in wraps. I was still learning the clutch/gear stuff, when I told my father I wanted to practice driving inside the compound itself. Of course, he should accompany too. After my classes, every evening, I’d take several rounds and my father was impressed at my progress. Without him needing to tell me anything, I took the necessary moves, turns, gears, breaks etc. In a short time, he was convinced that I could do that routine inside the compound without any guidance or him sitting beside me like a hawk.

I was allowed to practice everyday, but strictly not allowed to venture outside compound. Which I obliged, willingly! But soon I got the urge to test on the main roads, in the traffic. And when one gets tempted, even God can’t stop!

One day, I found myself heading to the main gate. The watchman was new and he let me go out. Immediately, I felt a weird feeling when I saw people walking ( not necessarily on their alloted footpaths ). Before, I knew it; I was already on the main road. It was evening and heavy home bound traffic moved honking at me in frustration, for I drove the slowest. I had no option but to keep pressing accelerator/brakes alternately.

Boy! Was I nervous! When those huge BEST buses travelled along my side, I felt tiny and threatened. I was hoping the cops didn’t catch me as I’d have no proper license to show. Driving with learner’s license without trainer isn't allowed. I kept my face confident and took the entire circle, hoping and praying not to crash into anyone or anything, till I finally saw the familiar gates of my compound.



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  1. Great Nandini...sounds really exciting, you were luck that you didnt crash into something. When i took the car out for the first time (that has become last time for now) I crashed into a jeep, causing heavy damage.

    1. I did hit here n there much later after I got the licence ;-)

  2. The Virgin Drive... loved the title! :)

    Arvind Passey


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