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Tring Tring the phone rang. Lajjo was mopping the floor. Who could it be, she wondered, when it rang again. Her Madam was taking a bath and had given clear instructions not to be disturbed.

Tring Tring – the phone rang again. Gingerly albeit hesitantly, lajjo got up from the floor where she was cleaning and went near the coffee table where the phone receiver was. She wiped her wet hands in the pallu of her saree and nervously picked up the phone, not quite sure what to say in it. She had observed others say ‘hello’ on the phone, so thought of doing the same. But before she could do it, she heard a voice from the other end speaking rather urgently in a low frequency.

“How many times should I say not to call on this number? Your work is being done. Teja is demanding six pattis more to complete the job, send rest of the money fast. Time is ticking on that boy's head.”
“Are you mad?” the other voice said, “I already gave you a heavy supari, now you are demanding more.”
“You gave four pattis ( four crores ), that’s for kidnapping only. Six extra pattis - for the complete job of breaking bones and finally the dead body with reciept. Take it or leave it.” The previous voice replied nonchalantly.

Lajjo, stood frozen. She saw this kinda conversations happening in hindi movies between the villains, but today, she was listening it for real. She could not believe it. She held the phone tight, careful not to breathe in it.

“Where’s the boy now? First tell me that, then I’ll confirm about the rest of the money. Is he alive?”
“Yes. You give complete money, only then we do the complete job,” came the reply, “we are moving him now from the warehouse to the Sunsan Docks. If you fail to bring the money by this evening, we move again. But your task won’t be complete. And fate of the boy will be in our hands,” the second voice warned.
“Ok ok, I’ll be in the docks by evening, with the money, but I want the job completed anyhow, understood?”

Both the phones cut off suddenly, leaving Lajjo clutching the receiver in awed fright of what she had just heard.

“Who was it Lajjo?” The sudden voice of her Madam jerked Lajjo up from her frozen posture. Her Madam had switched on the television set and was shifting through the news channels.
“Madam, err… I heard two men talking to each other, before I could say 'hello' or ask anything. Their voices were quite low.”
“Oh those silly cross connections! Forget it Lajjo, get back to your work.” Madam ordered.

Lajjo started to walk towards her mop when she heard her Madam mutter to herself in anguish, “Oh no! These kidnappers! I tell you! This time they got the Commissioner’s son. Can you imagine that?”
“What happened, Madam?” Lajjo asked turning again. Madam was watching the breaking news quite intently.
“Some Teja gang has kidnapped Commissioner’s son, Lajjo. Ah! What has this world come to? This Commissioner is one honest cop, so he gets targeted. Whew! God help this country.”

Teja! The name rang in Lajjo’s mind. She had heard that name in that telephone conversation a while earlier. They were also talking about kidnapping etc. Could it be the same guy, she wondered. She had to tell Madam about it. Someone’s life was in grave danger, if it was the same Teja kidnapper gang.

“What are you saying Lajjo? Are you sure?” Madam was surprised not quite ready to believe her, when Lajjo told her about the phone conversation she had overheard.
“Yes, Madam. I heard the name very clearly. It was Teja. They’ll kill the boy today itself, by this evening, if they get the full money. We have to do something fast if it’s the same gang.”

“Which place did you say they were taking him to?” Madam reached for the phone.
“Sunsan Docks. It’s already noon Madam, we have to hurry,” Lajjo was anxious by the minute now.
“Yes, yes.” Madam replied as she hurriedly dialed the Commisioner’s number and gave the details.

Through a spectacular silent operation, the sleuths of the home department sprang into action instantly on this precious information given by Lajjo. Within minutes, they reached the location in disguise and took their positions. They succeeded in stealthily surrounding the Sunsan Docks before the Teja gang arrived. With utter professional swiftness and secrecy, the sleuths took them totally by surprise and overpowered them, and finally released the Commisioner’s son. On being questioned later in custody, Teja disclosed that he was given supari by the Commissioner’s own subordinate due to some personal rivalry.

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News flashed on all channels as well as radio rest of the night, about this successful rescue operation of the kidnapped boy ( the Commissioner's son ), while Lajjo and Madam watched the visuals with interest on the television set back at home. They were assured that their ( i.e whistle blower’s ) identity would be kept a state secret. Lajjo was the unsung hero that day.

Copyright 2013 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Nice story Nandini...Came accross it as I posted mine right after you.

  2. Nice story-line!

  3. Enjoyed that. Never thought I'd be thankful for crossed telephone lines.

  4. You sure can spin a yarn!

  5. nice story .. well written !

  6. Nice story, beautifully narrated.

  7. before anything… let me assure you that i am not visiting your blog just coz you are a girl i hope you remember all the drama the other day on the forum!!

    now coming to this post, its fun.. i just with out real police also worked with such efficacy even when information is given!!

    1. hahaha how can I forget ;-) dunno how capable real police are, but in my story they were super cops :-D


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