It was past midnight, the city was fast asleep. An odd digital billboard flashing advertisements of all types, and a few scattered street lights below, were the only lights that glowed in the dark night. The moon meanwhile, played hide and seek with the fast moving, fickle clouds above in the night skies.

I was sitting on my 6th floor terrace steps, quite pensive, in a somewhat sulky mood. I wasn’t happy in this world with its corrupt people all around me, and wanted to escape from it all. I wished I had a car that would drive me off to another world. A world of happiness and honesty. As I was gazing into the dark night thinking about my impossible wish, I heard a strange noise, that came from other side of the terrace. I got up to see what it was. I saw, to my utter surprise a huge, strange looking car floating just 3-4 feet above my terrace floor - in mid-air!

‘Ah there you are,” I heard a voice, “I’ve been looking for you ND.”

I went near the car, taking cautious steps. What’s happening, I wondered! When I reached the driver’s side, the door suddenly flung open. To my amazement an extremely, dashing alien ( if I can call him that, considering he was sitting on a floating car right above my terrace ), with human features looked down at me, smiling. He had silky golden hair, sharp facial features and wore a shiny space suit with blinking buttons.

‘Hello ND!” he said.
“Wh..who are you,” I muttered, thinking if I was dreaming up the whole thing or hallucinating.
“ND, I am the 'happiness' car owner. I was passing by and heard you hoping for a car that would drive you away to a happier world. So, here I am, granting your wish. Hop on, you’ll have your wish fulfilled this instant and have a ride of your life.”
Is it some joke? I tried to pinch myself awake.

“No…I,,I,,” I whispered uncertainly.
“Trust me ND, just hop on,” the human looking alien smiled warmly at me. He switched on something and a flight of steps lowered itself automatically in front of me, from the car to the terrace floor, for me to climb up to the vehicle. I looked at the alien, and he winked, indicating for me to climb the steps.

Will this car really take me to a happier and honest world? I was hesitant. But a voice inside me urged to just hop on. After all, wasn’t this what I was wishing for just a while back? I began climbing up the steps and soon I found myself sitting beside him. The car door closed and the alien pressed a control switch on his vehicle’s front cockpit.

“By the way, call me 'Rolls', and this is my car 'Enrique'. I’m from planet 'Porche' which is about 2000 galaxies away from your planet. And this beauty, travels faster than the speed of light,” he flashed me another smile. I saw the car was now moving smoothly away from my terrace. I looked down at the sleepy city below, which vanished soon from my sight. I was almost delighted to say bye bye to it.

“Which do you prefer?” Rolls asked me.
I looked at him. He was holding 5 colourful packets that held something inside.

“What?” I asked, confused.
“These,” he gestured towards the packs he held, “these are Ambipur Car Vent Clips. There are 5 exotic fragrances to choose from. It’ll make your journey odorless, cool, fresh and refreshing. Come on choose one.”
I looked closely and chose the 'Lavender Comfort'. Rolls then attached the vent clip to the dashboard and switched it on. The inside of the car was instantly filled with a fresh lavender scent and it felt really cool. I closed my eyes taking in the heavenly freshness.
“Oh by the way, these are from your world. I often come down to earth to buy these for my car,” Rolls said. "They are really a hit in our Aliens fraternity too."

Might be, I mused to myself. After all that was happening today, anything could be possible, I thought as I smiled.

Ambipur spreading freshness in World & Beyond!

“How does the car run?” I asked, little curious.
“Oh its simple, it runs on energy. Energy of love and honesty, that in turn gives happiness! So, you can say it runs on happiness,” came the reply.
Might be, I thought again. If a car floats and can be driven in mid-air, it may run on happiness too.

“Look out ND, see the galaxies pass by,” Rolls flashed his dashing smile at me again, pointing outside. “Just enjoy your trip and be happy. Remember, this is the 'happiness' car you are riding on.”
Rolls looked so genuine, and his smile was so warm that I decided to just relax and sit back, enjoy whatever was in store ahead. And yes, I was happy too. I felt safe with Rolls.
We passed by many planets, and constellations. Rolls drove carefully so as not to collide with any moving asteroids and comets that appeared out of nowhere. He was an expert driver, I observed.

“Tell me about your planet,” I asked him.
“Oh Porche! It’s an awesome planet. All you’ll ever find there is happiness and honesty. We all love spreading it, so everyone has a 'happiness' car like this and we travel to various planets giving happiness to people like you,”
Hmmm, that was awesome. I thought. I’d love to go there someday. It sounded so much like the world I wished for.

“Someday, I’ll definitely take you there,” Rolls said, as though hearing my thoughts.
I looked at him happily. Something about the car and the companion, along with the cool Ambipur freshness enveloping us, made me feel so happy. I forgot all my earlier tensions and worries.

“What else do you buy from our stores on earth besides Ambipur?” I asked.
“Oh a lot of things! Specially movie DVDS and music from your planet! They are just awesome. 'Enrique' is my favourite artist, hence my car is named after him. Plus, your actor Rajnikant is the number.1 star in our planet too,” he grinned.
Oh cool, I thought. I looked outside the car window and saw beautiful planets and stars all around, moving by. It was a majestic view. Some of these planets were so colourful, it was such an incredible sight to behold. Rolls took Enrique, his car, near to some of the planets and I could see life moving there down, far below. Many planets had humans and animals too, just like back on earth and yes 'cars' too. It was just too cool. I just yelped in joy whenever I spotted them.
"They all use AmbiPur," Rolls said. Wow! All these was simply too amazing.

Happy Memorable Timeless Moments in the Happiness Car with Ambipur

“ND, we’ll have to part in a short while,” Rolls said atlast, after what seemed like hours of travelling in his superb car. “It’ll be morning soon on your planet and I have to get you back home before dawn-break.”
Oh! No, I didn’t want such a splendid trip to end. I simply wanted to keep on travelling in this happiness car forever. It was the most awesome journey I ever had in my entire life. And I was really so happy.

“But don’t worry, I’ll be around. And you can take a happiness trip with me again, whenever you feel upset,” Rolls was speaking. I was delighted at this assurance.
Soon, he routed the car back to earth. He was right, it would be morning soon at my place. The sun was already taking its position, as he pointed out to me. It was a surreal sight to see, all happening right in front of us, from above earth.
Rolls, parked the car just above my terrace as it was before, when I first saw it. I climbed down the steps that had automatically opened.

“Hey ND, catch these,” Rolls said from above. He had the Ambipur Vent Clips in his hands, and threw them down for me to catch. “Use them whenever you’re driving, and you’ll remember me.” He winked and waved.

Soon, he was gone as the sun appeared in the horizon spreading its bright orange light all around, far and wide. With me, still clutching the Ambipur Vent Clips, I was assured that it was not a dream. I went inside my house, a very happy person with a big smile on my face, knowing Rolls would be somewhere vrooming out in the skies near by and I'd hop on the 'happiness' drive soon again. Oh! It was the ultimate ‘perfect’ road trip I had. Only the road here was 'celestial', mid-air in space ;-)


Ambi Pur Perfect Road Trip - Runner-up
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  1. Drooling over that car ^_^ indeed a perfect road trip! All the best Nandini :)

    1. thanks n all the best to u too bushra :-)

  2. Your trip sounds Cool !! All the best :)

  3. Oh, what a flight of imagination. I too went along with you to the planet of happy and honesty.

    1. thats great, hope u enjoyed the trip too. thanks for reading :-)

  4. Nice post (: .. Good luck

  5. You went places Nandini! Some trip this must have been! Lovely read :) Best of luck for the contest! :)

  6. Anonymous14:28

    I wish I had doped a bit .. the pictures would have been lot clearer ... and I would have been accompanying you into the fantasy trip .. hallucinating trip and I give you 10 brownie points for your wonderful presentation :)

  7. Anonymous15:28

    great imagination !! Best luck !!

  8. Very creative Nandini! Loved reading every bit! Best of luck for the contest! :)

    1. thanks for reading, glad you liked it :-)

  9. Imaginative take for the contest. All the best!


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