As a young girl I was extremely thin and lanky and people used to tease me as a bamboo pole. I was too much into sports and other activities that never let me become fat at all. My mother used to cook health concious food, so anything with excess oil or butter was a no no.
Moreover, our house was atop a hill, that further ensured that not a single ounce of fat deposited in our body as we had to climb up and down the hill to reach anyplace else in the city.

Things however started changing when I shifted to Bombay. First of all I didnt have to climb a hill anymore to reach my home, a 'lift/elevator' would take me up instantly to my floor, plus all the sport activities that I was used to doing also suddenly vanished. And last but not the least, being away from home and mother meant digging away into all types of unhealthy and junk food.
So, yes...I started growing plumper by the day. I never quite realised it, until I had gone to my hometown and saw the expression on my old school mate's face. They hardly recognised me. Still in college then, barely 20, I was looking like a 40+ yrs old woman with kids. I instantly realised looking chubbier is not cute at all. It makes you look old.

I started dieting, and did loose considerable amount of weight, but it kept fluctuating as I'm not very good at controlling my urges when I see yummy food/deserts in front of me.
Some of the stuff I tried while trying to lose weight are slim sauna belt, slim herbal tea, resistant tube excercise, crunches etc but I'm too lazy. After following a few days of strict work-out regime religiously, I start to flunk.
So, the results have been mixed. While I'm not exactly a 'tun tun', I'm not malaika either.
I know eating smaller meals throughout the day helps with regular excercise and I intend to follow it once I get over the laziness. I hope the book Losing It teaches how to resist temptations. It will be a great help for all :-)


A contrasting story happened with my cousin which is rather ironic.
As a kid she was very fat, and I mean really fat. She used to be hungry all the time and being the only daughter, her parents would pamper and feed her all the time. She'd gulp down 6-7 Thums up bottle in a day. When she grew up, she became heavily influenced by bollywood and ultimately came down to Bombay in order to fulfil her dreams. However, she was overweight and was hardly fit for movies. She felt bit disillusioned and started various ways of losing weight.

She gave up eating and would only eat tiny morsels the whole day. And also got variety of weight losing machines/equipment. She did lose weight but not without falling sick. Infact, she was even hospitalised and almost lost her life. This shocked her, and she started eating again after she recovered. But she was now more cautious of what she ate.
She didnt get to join bollywood, but she did learn a very important lesson that drastic measures can be drastic.

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  1. My story is very similar to yours in the early growing up years of my life, I was extremely thin and hated it. Now also, though not extremely thin, I am on the thinner side except I need to be on top of my regular exercise and yoga to feel good and keep in shape, which I struggle keeping at it.

    Nice post, enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thank you @Beena R and welcome to my blog


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