And I will keep ringing it until I see a change, until I get justice!

I am simply fed up! Whenever a news of a girl getting raped or molested comes up, the social networking forums gets super active with advices flooding in for females to learn martial arts, carry pepper spray etc to protect herself. Even worse, some point out that girls should not wear modern dresses like skirts,jeans etc which invites rapes or molestations.

I want to ask them, Why? Are they out of their minds? Why only girls need to take steps to protect themselves? Why make the girl feel guilty, that just because they were wearing provocative clothes they got raped? - Then what about the old women or even the young children who gets raped? Were they wearing provocative clothes too?? and more Shockingly most of the rapists were of their own close relations!

Why nobody questions the men folk? Why cant men ( who does the rapes in the first place ) cannot keep their libido under control? Why nobody advices the men folk? Who will?

Men gets away with eve teasing, groping, touching inappropriately on roadsides or on public buses/trains etc making a woman's life hell and unsafe ( whenever she steps out of the house ) and nobody is out there to tell them, Hey! enough alright!? No more harassments! We wont tolerate!

There are many woman who are bruised and battered everyday, suffering in silence due to violence committed by their very husbands who had vowed to protect them unto death while taking the marraige vows - Message needs to go out to them, Stop The Domestic Violence! else solid action! Bell Bajao!

Of course, not all men are like that, but unfortunately many are.

When I first saw this campaign, I thought to myself that it'd perhaps be the usual sympathy show for women, asking them to be more alert or learn self defence ( which is bloody important anyways ) or light a few candles for some rape victims.
But, I was pleasantly surprised that the campaign called out to the male species! And that is just what is needed the most. Females are not just sex objects and they better learn to realise that. Females are not door mats either, better learn to respect them!

Hats off to Indiblogger for this great initiative via their 'Indichange' programme along with Breakthrough. I hope and pray that the campaign grows from strength to strength and that its message reaches the men folk at all levels of the society.
Because, only then it would be a success and society will finally change.

During the organising of the meet, I saw many posts of the females attendees raising concern that the time was not 'suitable' or 'comfortable' as it'd end late in the evening. This fear is exactly what needs to be tackled by making Delhi/India/World safe for women through this campaign.

So, have You made the 'PROMISE'?

This post is part of 'Ring the Bell!' Global Campaign by Breakthrough and Indichange in association with Indiblogger.in

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