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When I was in school my mother used to religiously take us, both me and my sister to cut our hairs very short ( blunt near the ears or a boy cut ). Sometimes she'd play the barber and just take the scissors in her hands and cut them herself. Things didnt matter much and we didnt complain either as we were quite young that time, until I entered my teens.
It was then, when I started becoming more concious about my looks and hair etc. Of course, this was because we had newly discovered boys and all our teeny girly talks were revolved gossiping around them.

So, naturally biological instincts took over and I would start being ashamed of my short hair or the boy cut.
When we had to go for our regular hair cut to the saloon - ( yes, my mom used to take us to a men's saloon - for the boy cut. Figure that! ), I began to get embarassed and started making excuses in order to avoid. ( mummy tummy paining, mummy not today etc etc :p )

Atlast, one day I gathered enough guts and finally told my mom that I hated my short hair and wanted to grow it longer as most of my school mates had long hair too. Maybe she too realised that I was a grown girl now so she let me have my way. \Yay/

Thus, I started to keep longer hair ( little below shoulder length ) and started making pony tails, braids etc. I spent considerable amount of time in front of the mirror admiring myself and my hair.
Some of my friends used to make french braids which I absolutely loved and used to copy a lot. For most of my teenage years I experimented a lot with different kinds of braids.
Sometimes I would make two braids on both the sides with colourful rubberbands. Everybody used to say that I looked cute. And my pride would simply swell and soar up to the skies. After all who doesnt like compliments especially in our teenage years. Those years are our gawkiest years and any praise is like heaven.

The Pony Tail Braid - My Fav!

One of my unique style of braid was, first tie my hair high up into a pony tail on the back of my head with a rubber band, then start making the braid by taking not the typical three strands of hair but by dividing into multiple strands and then weave. After that tie the bottom again, this time with thicker and colourful rubberbands ( I used to go gaga on those colourful wooly type rubberbands ). It looked very pretty as my braid would be a bouncing braid unlike the regular ones that fell flat.
Many of the other students started coping my style too. It was much later did I spot these models ( above ) sporting my pony style braid too! ( I thought I had invented it :p )

But, as my hair grew more longer I started noticing a problem. The end of the braid would start to look like spikes and not soft flowing because the hair tips would start getting split. As I didnt like putting oil on my head/hair much, I saw this problem happen more whenever my hair grew beyond a certain length. So, I always had to trim it at the ends.

Split hairs look horrible, rough, untidy and unkempt but I hadnt found a proper solution except getting the ends trimmed.

But trimming meant that I could not grow it more long, hence it was no solution at all. I wanted to grow my hair till my waist or maybe even longer, but that'd mean lots of split ends. And I didnt want to look a mess at all.

Thus, I started to look for other solutions. Many shampoos, oil or conditioners that I tried didnt provide the exact solution that I needed ie grow my hair more longer without having to trim the ends in order to avoid the splits. But, till date I had no clue how split ends could be avoided.
However, the new Dove Split Ends Rescue System seems to have the right answer, as it promises my hair with 4X lesser split-ends. So, maybe finally I'll be able to grow my hair much longer and finally be able to try out my teenage fantasies of colourful long braids once again. Only this time without the split ends :-)

Dove seemed to have heard my concerns and like a fairy Godmother, immediately sent me their new 'dove split ends rescue system' via Indiblogger to try out for myself. It consists of a shampoo ( 80ml pack at Rs.68/- ) and conditioner ( 75ml pack at Rs.68/- ). The shampoo & conditioner smells mild and is gentle on the hair. It doesn't make the hair dry which is a prime cause of split ends. I've used it once and as it claims to be a 'hair therapy' I intend to use it further, because I'm pleased with the results. I do notice a difference in the texture of my hair. I cant wait for my hair to grow much longer, so that I can try my all time favorite 'pony tail braid' once again, without the split ends.

Dove Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids! IndiBlogger Contest

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  1. I believe this is the same story everywhere. I mean even my sisters had a bob cut when they grew up and I could relate them in this blog post that you have written. Then one day the younger one mustered enough courage and told my mom that she wants to grow her hair long and thats done. :P Then one day mother acquiesed to her demands and let her go to beauty parlour with her friends and thats where the experimentation began. LOL. Dove must be a proud brand if I could say so. :P See now you have a soft flowing braid end - all thanks to Dove :P You have written it very well. Good Luck for the contest!

    1. hey thanks...glad you liked reading it :-)

  2. Beautiful post Nandini:)

  3. Those old less fancy days. Seriously, as we grow and step into teens, you take care of ourselves as if the entire school would turn their heads the moment we walk in. Having long hair is a lot of work. I had pretty long hair till 12th standard then I chopped them and the day I walked in with short hair was a head turner in school.

    All the very best Nandini for the contest.

    1. heya thanks and congrats in your 'divine' win as well!

  4. A lovely post!

    My best wishes for the contest :)

    1. Thank you n same to you!

  5. NIce Post....All my wishes:)

  6. I feel all girls have had their own fights with their mom to either grow it long or cut it short.. they never seem to agree. LOL. Nice to read this blog . Good luck

  7. I am glad your story had a happily ever after. Yay! to Dove.

  8. Beautifully envisioned and crafted. Best wishes.

  9. Wow :-)very interesting post :-) loved reading :-)


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