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I was a bit reluctant to write on this topic. As I'm aware of some fraud NGOs.

I know there are a few genuine ones as well who really work perhaps, and hats off to them for their awesome work too! But they are just a handful! Rest are out there simply to grab donations. Reportedly there is 1 NGO for every 400 people in India! Alarming! Needless to say many are frauds or are inactive altogether.

I had heard about a cancer related NGO from close quarters and was quite appalled at their way of functioning. They'd send volunteers ( they prefer only girl volunteers btw ) to collect money ( from any & everyone ) from morning till night, clutching pictures/profiles of cancer patients ( with some of them already dead ). The NGO has several plush branches in various malls, which seemed most absurd place to open an NGO in the first place. Anyways, all the money would eventually go into the pockets of the few 'top ones' who started the NGO, and the cancer patients ( on whose name the money was collected ) as well as the volunteers ( who did all the hard work ) would be left all high and dry. Once or twice the NGO did hold free cancer detection camps or shelled out a miserly sum as distribution of funds ( to show that they are genuine ), but that distribution is too miserly compared to what they collect everyday.
There are many complaints against them as well by various previous volunteers/employees who had worked there.
Reference : Here & Here & Here

I know the above may not be the same with other NGOs too, but you never know. So, I am a little wary of them. Anyways, just wanted to bring the issue to notice.

Now, for the main topic. There are plenty of issues that plague this world and I'm not sure if there will ever be a solution ever. However, if at least a few unfortunate ones manages to get some much needed help and a smile on their faces, I'll be more than happy.

The causes I worry about ...

  • I worry about Orphans. How they grow up in this mean world with no one to call as their own.
  • I worry about the old aged people deserted in their old age by their loved ones and driven out of their own homes they had so lovingly built.
  • I worry about humans esp little girls getting trafficked into prostitution or sold off/married to much older men ( yes, in many places it still happens! )
  • I worry about traumatized children who are victims of child abuse, sometimes by their own.
  • I worry about street children, begging away under the grip of the massive begging mafia ( yes, the mafia exists. Children are kidnapped and forcefully maimed so that they beg and earn for that cruel maafia )
  • I worry about gender equality. While I'm not exactly a fan of the LGBT lifestyle, I do feel bad at the way they are treated. They are not criminals after all and has as much rights to exist with dignity as us.
  • I worry about women becoming victim of cruelties such as Acid Attacks, Rape, Domestic violence for no fault of their own.
  • I worry about people not getting proper medical care or medicines with both the prices astronomical. Only the rich can afford.
  • I worry about some endangered species that are on a verge of extinction, that might eventually cause some ecological imbalance.
  • I worry about the lack of pure drinking water that us human are increasing facing with. There are many deadly diseases associated with the unclean water maximum people get to drink.
  • I worry about those having certain physical disabilities. They need our acceptance, love and most importantly our time so much!

    Oh..dear! This is an ever increasing list. While I hope these problems get solved, I also want to stress on the verification of the NGOs who claim to help them. I personally cannot refer any NGO, cos I suspect most of them including the biggies, hence I'd prefer that when the results are out, the backgrounds of the NGOs ultimately selected are thoroughly checked. Also would like the one mentioned right in the begining, thoroughly investigated too based on so many complaints at the 'consumercomplaints' forum.

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    1. Nandini
      A touchy post.
      What a revelation. Now even NGO's are becoming business. too much. How can this country move forward now. Everything is going in hellish direction. Phew !

      Travel India

      1. Thanks @Vishal. Well..things are a bit murky.

    2. good one, its all a game now

      1. thank you..i hope people are aware

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    4. Hey!! rightly said ..I too found that its all a game for minting money ..nothing else..Good one

      1. @Odyzz...there are a handful of genuine people too and they should indeed be given helping hand...but ya need to be careful as there are double the number of frauds too.

    5. A wonderful post...... Keep blogging.....


    6. First: you should name those NGO's and add more details, I have had a similar experience while I was searching for a job, came across these people.
      second : girl, you are making me fall in love with your writing.
      just one word respect.

      well, I know few people at TOI editorial team, I might be of some help to get this article published and also exposted.
      add more details.

      just so, you might feel better, I just bookmarked your blog.


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