My First Liebster Blog Award

Oh!My, I'm Speechless, Thrilled, Excited...and now hunting feverishly for my 'thank you speech' note!

Hi Everyone! I was bit surprised to receive the Liebster Award, especially as I didnot have any clue as to what it was or what to do with it. It took me days to figure it out and I finally came to understand that it is nothing but the outpouring of love, admiration and recognition from the blogging community to the new bloggers.
So, finally I know what to do it with - accept it and then pass it on ( to more deserving ones.So sweet,so simple )
And so here it goes... *drums rolling*

  • Firstly, hearty thanks to Diana Pinto ( ) for nominating my name.
  • Secondly, I'm both humbled and encouraged by this recognition and henceforth shall proudly display the 'leibster' badge on my blog ( which is already overcrowded with widgets and badges - as you can see ).
  • Thirdly, I'm definately motivated to blog more...which anyways I cant survive without.

    So, a BIG THANKS to the people behind this merry-go-around award that touches every blog ( I'm sure ) of blogosphere at some point, leaving sweet memories.

    Now onto the business part of it :

    The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing. As mentioned above Liebster Blog Award is given by the blogging community to upcoming new and deserving bloggers ( given to bloggers with less than 200 followers as per the rules ).

    Rules for receiving the award :

    1. Nominee must post 11 things about themselves.
    2. Answer 11 question from nominator and create 11 questions for people you nominate.
    3. Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post.
    4. Inform the people you nominated by commenting on one of their posts.

    So, 11 Things about me :

    1. I love Myself the most ...ha ha
    2. I love Music,Writing and anything creative.
    3. I hate Cheater,Liars,Frauds...all negative elements in this world!
    4. I love God and my Mother. I'm answerable only to them!
    5. I love Travelling and also dreaming to travel the places that I've not travelled to yet.
    6. I believe in Myself.
    7. I love Spooky things..nah 'obsessed' is the right word.
    8. I am a Libran, so can be either balanced or totally off balanced.Depends what mood you catch me in.
    9. I am a Human being not very religious but who believes in the Soul and Spirituality.
    10. I love Tae-kwon-do...I've now realised its real importance.
    11. I love Genuine, humble people and not fakes!

    I am now answering the set of questions for the person who nominated me and put me on the spot ( literally ) :

    1. If you were to be born again who would you like to be born as ? - Myself!

    2. Which country you prefer to live in ? - Love it or hate it --- it has to be IndiYEAH!

    3. Which is your favourite movie ? - 'The Others' starring Nicole Kidman.

    4. Who is your favourite writer ? - Enid Blyton, the first ever author I read in school.

    5. What does it take to for a marriage to work ? - Trust and Loyalty.

    6. Do you believe in Love or arranged marriage ? - Love that is Arranged.

    7. Who is your favourite world leader ? - None.

    8. What moves your heart the most ? - Its Beats a.k.a the Dhaadkans

    9. What is your favourite quote? - 'Who Loves,never leaves.Who left,never loved!' by Me :-)

    10. What is your favourite colour? - Yellow

    11. Which is your favourite Blog? - Lol..Ok seriously the spooky ones. Anything thats has spooky stuff in it I'm hooked.

    My questions for those I nominated below are :

    1. Why do you blog?

    2. What is your fav hobby besides writing?

    3. Who do you think should be our next PM?

    4. What is the purpose of life according to you?

    5. Who is your favourite world leader ?

    6. What do you want to change about yourself?

    7. Who is your idol?

    8. Can love happen more than once?

    9. Your idea of perfect date?

    10. What is the one thing you cant live without?

    11. Any other secret qualities you have that you want to share with this world?

    I nominate the following bloggers :

    Diana Pinto :
    Debopam Banerjee :
    Easwar Arumugam :
    Aliasgar :
    Monika Singh :
    Ashish :
    Aarti Iyer :
    Odyzz :
    Gajadhar dwivedi :
    Salik Khan :
    Venkatesh Nittala :

    There I'm done...It wasnt as tough as I thought it'd be :-)
    Congratulations to all the bloggers who were nominated.
    Keep Blogging !

    A VERY Special Thanks ( for nominating my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Leibster Award ) to - Usha Menon, Odyzz, Anjan Roy, Bushra, Sharu, AnitaExplorer & Vivek
    And a very special thanks ( for nominating my 1st & 2nd Creative Blogger Award ) to - Shaivi, Anita
    A special thanks to ( for nominating my 1st The Super Sweet Blogging Award ) to - Keerthikasingaravel, ( for nominating my 1st The Versatile Blogger Award ) to - Bhumi, ( for nominating my 1st, 2nd & 3rd Most Inspiring Blogger Award ) to - UK, Preeti Chauhan and Sandhya Suri!

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    1. Congratulations . Keep it up.

    2. Great going! Congrats :)

      1. Thanks @Mixi ....dats a cute name

    3. Anonymous20:39

      Congratulations for the award and wish me the same :) Thanks for mention....


    4. Congratulations.........

      1. You've been nominated so congrats to you as well :-)

    5. Congo and many more to you :D

      1. ha ha looking forward to it as well..

    6. Congratz....

    7. Congratulations! Way to go! Keep on writing.

    8. Hearty Congratulations!

    9. Hearty congrats Nandini:)

    10. Great going Nandini, Keep blogging and above all keep encouraging others.

      1. Thanks dear..will sure do.

    11. Congratulations. Keep blogging.

    12. Hi Nandini,

      Heartiest Congratulations for the award, you truly deserved it and I see you getting more awards in the future as well. :)

      So, obsession with which kinds of spooky stuff? :) :) :)
      Give me a High 5 for being a Libran, scales rock !!! :) :) :)


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