Although I write,I'm not into heavy literature stuff myself and I must confess that apart from the certain highly acclaimed english authors whose work we had to compulsorily read in our school english literature classes my exposure to heavy literary authors is quite limited.I always preferred popular books such as Nancy Drew,Hardy Boys,Enid Blyton's and Agatha Christie's books and tonnes of Mills&Boon romances,not to mention Archie comics.These books are what I consider light reads.I never attempted to read a Jackie Collins or a Sidney Sheldon and others who wrote fairly thick books with high dose of literary stuff added in.So maybe I am missing out on many great books or maybe not.Among Indian authors too I have chosen to read only two popular authors having ignored the rest.They are Shobha De and Chetan Bhagat.Both have been best selling authors.However,I cant say that they are the best because many times I didnt agree with their style of writing at all.


Lets start with Shobha De.I read her books when I was still in school.I have 5 of her titles with me.Her subjects are always glorious,ultra hep,over the top and artificial if I may add.Even if you own the book ( having paid for it obviously ) her stories donot belong to you at any level.She mostly writes about high society people,models or the glamour world which are out of bounds for ordinary people so the stories donot touch your heart as you simply donot identify with the characters.Her books are included as international study material in a few other countries which is no doubt an honour for her but her stories simply donot touch you.Thats what I feel.You remain indifferent with a somewhat cold feeling.She does not use heavy literary words or phrases yet it makes no sense at times.You end up with a feeling 'who cares' and is not curious to know about her next release at all.But she is a famous name so obviously some people may have liked her writing.
Her blogs and columns that she writes leaves you high and dry as well.


I was not at all curious about this writer though I had heard a lot about him for years!Thanks to the movie '3 Idiots' which made him ultra famous followed by 'Hello'.One guy near the station was selling second hand books quite cheap,so when I found his titles I picked them up ( 5 books ) just to study his writing style.Now Bhagat writes pure desi.He writes about ordinary people so even if you are critical his stories manages to touch you.He writes simple english as anyone would write or talk in real life,no heavy literature.I wont say I was disappointed because I had really expected nothing in the begining.Maybe because he writes simple and identifiable characters,he is so popular among the youngsters.I have observed his columns in newspapers and they are quite thought provoking so you are curious to read what he'd come up with next.He has been trashed for poor literature,but the massive sale of his books forgives it all.So two writers having two drastically opposite impact on me.
So who is currently my favourite ?
Hmmm..any guesses?

P.S : Do give me suggestions which other Indian Authors I should read ( but no heavy literature please! )

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