What is Freedom of Expression -
If you are living in the USA first thing you are ( or should be ) aware of is that USA stands for Freedom.Freedom of speech and freedom of expression.If you were not aware of it,try going through your children's school books all over again and learn America's history and its main foundation i.e its freedom that it grants to its citizens.Rest of the world looks upto the US for the freedom of speech that it advocates.So,if you are living in America and try to bully or blackmail,threaten or try to crush someone's freedom of expression then you are going against the very principles of the country that you are living in.

What is Blogging -
Blogging is essentially an online diary for a person to record their daily activities or to express their opinions regarding a wide range of subjects.Sometimes these subjects can be of controverial nature too,nonetheless an individual has absolute and full freedom to voice their opinions and write as per their wish.And a writer writes.It is the job of the writer to write in order to convey their opinion to the readers ( being fully aware of their rights and responsibilities ).

What can you write -
Internet Companies like Google or Wordpress encouraging an individual's 'freedom of speech & expression', provides free blogging platforms for the bloggers ( their users ) to jot down their thoughts and opinions.However they do have certain terms and conditions,rules & regulations regarding the contents to be published,which a blogger cannot violate.These rules are clearly prescribed in their agreement.

What can you object -
If some content violates some of the rules,then a reader can object and forward their complaint.They should however go through the entire content policy first and then make it clear which part the content exactly violates.If a reader objects to certain controversial stuff or criticisms regarding a certain individual then they need to check out a few pointers first.
- Is the article content true or false?
- Is it taking some other individual's name and other private info such as contact details,photographs etc and making false claims?

A writer has full liberty to take an individual's name or use a photograph of that individual too ( in public ) as long as the content that they provide along with it is true,accurate and can be proven in court should a dispute occur.If the content is true ( however controversial ) then also nobody can object to it,and the writer i.e the blogger has full right to write it.
Sometimes if a writer writes a content in 3rd person i.e without taking anyone's name in particular,then nobody has the right to object.However,if the reader ( still unable to digest criticism ) starts blackmailing or threatening the writer to remove the content,then it is the reader who is committing the crime of 'harassment' to the writer who is just voicing their opinion ( that too without taking any names ).

Remember 3 points :
1. You cannot control a writer's thought process.
2. Study first in what context an article is written.Is it mindless criticism or it has some social objective behind it.Is it written only to harm an individual or to help others taking the 'subject' as an example.
3. Lastly and most importantly,learn to face criticisms.

What do I write -
When I first started this blog my main intention ( as described in the 'disclaimer' below ) has been to voice my opinions responsibly.My blog also provides as a platform to inform everyone about my writing projects ie. my books as well as my music.My main subject in writing is 'Social Issues' - which are the problems that we see in the society eg.Marital problems,divorces,extra marital,sibling problems,child abuse,cancer,smoking,also problems in the music+glamour industry,job related,media etc besides other general stuff ( which includes music,fun,horror,entertainment,women issues,food, education,politics etc.In short everything under the sky !! And I also write content NOT suitable for under 18 ). I take examples from real life situations ( that I have either gathered from reliable sources or personally witnessed ). My effort is to write them as accurately as those incidents occurred.I write to spread awareness and simply for exchange of information.

My blog gets hundreds of visits from around the world,so I try to provide genuine "socially responsible" content that will make a reader identify with and also to help others. Now since my subject is primarily ( though not always ) 'social issues' and I base most of my blog articles from real life situations ( thus a bit controversial in nature ) I make it a point not to mention any individual's name,respecting their privacy,unless that person is a public figure. ( though I can mention names of those individuals as well if I want as well since my content is accurate ). So,I generally try to follow the ethics of writing while voicing my opinions.And nobody should have a problem with that.
I also urge the fellow writers to do the same.
ie. Write accurate. Write responsible.Write good.

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