There are currently 3 SUPER writing opportunites available for you readers!Yes,You!!!

  • NANDINISPEAKS : If you have any cool 'awesome' topic that you want to write as our guest here,you are most welcome!However guest blogging on this particular site is once per fortnight!And we will announce it grandly!But if you want to write more,then read the next two great writing opportunities where you can write your heart out!

    'Musikdiv India Online Magazine' website is specially meant for all the talented musicians or writers to showcase their talent.Not a musician or writer?Dont worry,check out the menu list on the website,a whole lot of other interesting topics are waiting out there for you to grab the opportunity and write about to your heart's content.There are also regular interviews and contests scheduled on it as well.
    All content that you write shall have your name on it hence you'll be fully credited.Everyone welcome,so come aboard!!
    Join its facebook page and start posting your articles there to be published on the website or send your content by email as instructed in the website.

  • EBUBLISHERS WORLD : If you are an already established writer/author or blogger from the publishing world ( self or tradional publishing ),this research site is meant exclusively for you to share your knowledge,expertise and experiences in the subject!Write guest blog on it on the subject "books,writing,publishing" etc
    ( any and everything to do with the literary world)!!!

    So,choose any of the sites above,grab a pen a.k.a laptop and start writing!!
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