India is perhaps the most unique country at the moment in the world.Why?The answer is quite simple.We currently have all our Ma'ams,Behenjis,Ammas,Didis ruling us from all the sides.And not to mention each of them has their own unique characteristics ( and sadly oodles of corrupt behaviour as well )

1. President of India - Pratibha Patil.
The one who embarrasingly forgets to pay respect to our national flag ( esp on foreign shores ) which is an important part of protocol.She was originally rumoured to be a help in Indira Gandhi's kitchen i.e managed kitchen duties that included cooking for the then PM - Read Here .She surely has come a long way since then and has become the President of India.That goes to show that if you are a loyal servant to the Gandhis 'taraaki pakki hai'.She is also infamous for sitting on the Afzal Guru file for years without taking a decision inspite of Supreme Court's death verdict.
She is turning greedy too - Read Here , her foreign trips costs over 205 crores - Read Here , her son is caught carrying huge money during election - Read Here !!!

2. Parliament Speaker - Meira Kumar.
Her allotting Rahul Gandhi to speak for full 15 minutes during zero hour ( which goes against normal rules ) very well tells us all where her loyalty really lies.

3. Congress President - Sonia Gandhi.
Forbes magazine ranks her the 7th most powerful woman on earth.She indeed has all the congressis literally at her feet.They follow her blindly like slaves - Read Here.She did the drama of giving up PM post which was later exposed by Subramanium Swamy on his party website,details about the legal obstacles that actually prevented her from taking up Prime Ministership - Read Here. Swamy has also revealed many other interesting details.However one such detail stands out.Her son-in-law Robert Vadra ( Priyanka Gandhi's husband ) became the fastest billionare in India i.e in less than a decade.How it was possible? - Samajhdar ko ek ishara kaafi hai.
She is ranked 4th richest politician in the world >> Read Here . Also an interesting article on her growing greed Read Here . Who can forget Bofors >> Read Here - The lady even blatantly refuses to disclose her income tax returns,need we say more?

4. Delhi CM - Shiela Dixit.
Not just India but the whole world was rocked by the CWG ( common wealth games ) scandal held recently at Delhi.While most,if not all of the organizers related to the CWG eg. Kalmadi n Co has since then landed in Tihar jail,this woman under whose nose and knowledge it all had happened is still sitting pretty at the CM post. - ( Gandhi links eh? )

5. Uttar Pradesh CM - Mayawati.
This Behenji is one hell of a woman.With huge bags and even huger statues of herself erected all over UP ( wasting crores of public money ),this woman surely knows how to make a style statement that would be remembered by generations to come.Whoever sees her statues will surely salute this lady who has shattered the myth that only statues of Gandhi & Nehrus got the right to to be erected in this vastly brainwashed sychophant country.Hell no!Showing middle finger at the others she went ahead and built her own statues and parks.Talk of guts,this lady surely has got plently.And by delivering a successful F1 ( totally unexpected of her ),she has surely won some international fans as well.

6. West Bengal CM - Mamata Banerjee.
Didi of the east she is a highly moody and unpredictable woman.She jumps first from congress then to supporting NDA and then again to congress with the expertise and ease of a veteran trapeze artist.The party whom she supports are always in fear of her temper,tantrums and 'blackmails'.This woman when time comes wouldnt care a damn for the rest of the country till she keeps getting fat packages for her home state.

7. Tamil Nadu CM - Jayalalitha.
Amma of the south is one happy woman this days.With most of her opponents in jail for various corruption charges,this lady must be finally enjoying her thousands of sarees and sandals - ( corrupt who Amma? Shushhh... )

8.( former ) Madhya Pradesh CM - Uma Bharti.
She is the fiery Sanyasin from central India.BJP uses her like a trump card,although she keeps dumping and re-joining the party as though it were some every day game.Ah!game of politics!!!She is extremely unpredictable who can give it all up while being a minister and vanish,only to re-appear again to take on her opponents.First she defeated Digvijay Singh mercilessly in MP and now BJP is preparing her for Rahul Gandhi in UP.Lets watch how this entertaining Sanyasi plays the game this time.

9.( former ) Rajasthan CM - Vasundhara Raje.
She is currently not in power but she is nonetheless revered and referred to as Maa Durga or goddess from the west.Her posters during election in the goddess avatar says a lot about the following that she has.She is the one with true royal blue blood.But then these days whoever is in power can taste royalty.Prime examples are most of these women politicians who came from quite humble backgrounds,but are now at the pinacle of political success.

So,who says women cannot rule?All these women are currently ruling all of us in India and are prime examples of Women Power!Though I would have been far happier if all of them were corrupt & scandal free.
But alas!Koyi politics karna in auraton se seekhe.

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