2011 saw the sad demise of several of our illustrated personalities.Icons who have ruled Indian hearts ( and also perhaps international hearts too ) for ages.Be it music,movies,arts,literature,technology or sports,they have all excelled in their respective fields,having reached an enviable position that a very few can or will match upto.
I have grown up watching them in awe.They are all true legends.My humble tributes to them.
Thank you all so much for making our lives so much more interesting with your presence.The invaluable gifts and memories that you have left us with,that shall be cherished by generations to come.We have learnt so much from you.You guys have been really awesome!

May you find peace wherever you are and continue to create magic.
1. Pt.Bhimsen Joshi - Classical Singer cum Music Maestro - Who can forget his invaluable contribution to the popular patriotic song,'Mile sur mera tumhara'.
2. Navin Nischol - Such a Handsome and Popular Film & Television Actor - His movies were light romantics,but he was most lovable in the comedy TV series,'Dekh Bhai Dekh'.
3. Mansur Ali ( Tiger )Khan Pataudi - The Youngest Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and mashallah such a handsome man!He had a marble eye ( due to an accident ) yet carried it off with such nawabi aristrocracy.I can only admire him.
4. Socrates - The Brazil Legend Football Player - Only a football fan can understand the true passion of this game.And it is the only the player who takes it to that level and make the game what it is.
5. Steve Jobs - The Apple Founder - The whole world is affected in one way or the other,all thanks to this man.If we all carry an iphone,ipad,ipod etc gadgets that have made our lives so much more convenient and comfortable then we have to bow our thanks to no one but him.
6. Dennis Ritchie - The Computer Scientist who has helped in making the digital era happen.He created the complex C+language programming that only geniuses like him can comprehend,understand and not to mention create the whole thing in the first place..
7. MF Hussain - Picasso of India,who has made 40k paintings more than Picasso himself.He had created some controversial paintings,hurting hindu sentiments which is sad and a dark spot in his career, but as an artist his contribution to art has been phenomenal and admired worldwide.
8. Jagjit Singh - The Legendary Ghazal Singer - When we say 'ghazal',he is one name that immediately pops in our mind.Listening to his songs are so refreshing that one can just keep on hearing it over and over again without getting tired.
9. Bhupen Hazarika - The Musical Legend of Assam - He has been a multi-talented persona who has placed 'Assam' and its music in the global map.
10. Indira ( Mamoni Raisom ) Goswami - Multiple Award Winning Author - She is one of the most frequently featured personalities in Assam's daily newspapers and TV channels.She has won numerous literary awards and has also largely contributed in bringing about peace to Assam with her being the sole mediator between the govt and the ULFA insurgents.
11. Dev Anand - The Evergreen Hero of yesteryears - Most colourful star from the silver screen.He was perhaps the most enthusiastic of them all who simply refused to grow old.He'll remain forever young in our hearts.
12. Shammi Kapoor - The original Yahoo man - A complete entertainer who just kept our eyes glued at the screen with his dances,histrionics and over all lovable magnetic presence.
There are perhaps millions more who have expired in the whole year and would continue to do so.They may have also made valuable contributions in lives of their near and dear ones,so my tribute extends to those countless nameless people too.Even their lives may have been enriched by these legends.
And that what makes these legends extra special.

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