Some people never change.They try to bully and dominate others all through their lives.While they did these antics on their younger siblings,cousins or friends ( usually the younger people close to them ) while they were young,that nature stays with them well into their forties or perhaps it will remain so till they die.Even if they are in their 60's they'd continue to try to bully or dominate others.It has become their habit,that they dont even realise or try to analyse their behaviour.
They think that what they are doing is right and they have the eternal right to do it.They forget the simple thing that their sibling ( or whoever they bullied ) is no longer a kid,and that they are grown adults too.Young siblings doesnt mean that they are dumb or brainless.As an adult they may infact be more matured than their elder bully sibling.Funny thing is they dont respect their younger sibling at all but expect respect in return from them.

Every human being has their own rightful place in this world.If you have a continuous low opinion of your own siblings or anyone younger and treat them as such,donot expect them to treat you with garlands either.If you look down upon others,how can you expect them to look up to you?Give respect,get respect.Give bully,get bullied back!Thats the law of nature.
Isnt there a common saying ~ 'What goes around,comes around',or 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction'.Its the Karma folks.You get what you give,so watch out what you give in the first place.Thats why always be careful of your actions because you never know what might come and hit you back,and when!And when you get to taste your own medicine,dont feel bad or complain like a kid,cos you were asking for it in the first place when you bullied the others deliberately.Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.And take a chill pill ;-)

There are bully elders or seniors in every spheres of life.They make life miserable for the youngers eg. At colleges where ragging is quite common or at workplace where its common for the jealous insecure senior to try and bully the junior co-worker.However,these are temporary phases compared to the bully by elder relative/friend as they do it throughout their lives and can be most annoying when this behaviour continues all through their adulthood to perhaps even their old age.
It is high time for such elder bullies to learn to buzz off and get a life.What say?!What about you all..do you all have that one 'bully' elder sibling or friend who tries to bully or dominate you.Do email and write to me about it.

As for me I sure have got one 'annoying' relative who regularly spies on my blog trying to dictate what I should write or delete from my blog.For heaven's sake dont be a prick your entire lives.Let others breathe and do their own thing.If you dont like some contents just avoid spying on it,lol!


  1. Anonymous21:51

    I have one brother and 5 sisters. My only brother is 4 years older than I. He has bullied and harrassed me throughout our childhood, into adolencense and now well into adulthood. Growing up, my entire life was a living hell, having to deal with his rage and violent attacks. In fact, I was not exclusively the only person he would attack. Most anybody who gets in the way, is subject to his rage. And when he would lose any kind of competition, you guessed it. He would most certainly take his rage out on me. I know that he hates me for being male and being born. As we grew into adulthood, and I got bigger and stronger, his behavior went from physical attacks to verbal and emotional bullying. The rage is still present! Recently, he has been harassing me and threating me physically again over an arrangement that I had made with my parents. Yes, a personal loan which I am paying back. Regardless, he feels that he has the right to pry into my personal situation and take control. When I resisted his attempts (as well as my parents) and we told him to mind his own business, he began to threaten me physically and make other false allegations. He has also threatened to call my employer (which has nothing to do with anything).
    I have prayed for him, I have made countless attempts to "Let it Ride", I just can't take it anymore. The dilemma I have is that he is in need of serious therapy. Everyone in my family wishes to ignore the issue...my parents included.


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