I must confess that most of the blogs that I write are stories that I pick up during my travels ( esp on a Bombay local train ).
People intrigue and fascinates me a lot and I love to observe them.One such observation is that of the Women Hawkers inside the local train compartments.My blog would be incomplete without mentioning them.So,here it is.
From a tender age of 6yrs to an elderly 60+ ( women of all sizes,shapes and ages )you'll find all of them thronging inside the local trains,bravely pushing past the crowds ( more so during peak hours )carrying huge boxes trying to sell their wares.They are the Women Hawkers!You cant escape one if you are travelling in the locals.

From cosmetics,purses,bags,hairclips,earrings,bangles,kitchen accessories,writing
pads,pens,toys,towels,clothes to waffers,popcorn,fruits,vegetables etc they sell almost every item imaginable inside the train.
They make up a mini shopping mall inside that compartment itself that seem to become even tinier during the peak hours when both students and working women travelling on it crowd it the most.
One one hand these women hawkers do make life convenient for the busy passengers by making everything available inside the local train itself at far cheaper rates.
Hence,one can save time in hunting the same items at a real super-market.Except perhaps televisions,refrigerators,share certificates or some groceries you can hope to find everything else inside the train.
However,it can be a pain encountering these hawkers during peak hours.The compartment becomes noisy and messy and if you are standing in their way.Donot be surprised if they physically push you aside roughly ( with an occasional slang ) while trying to balance and move their huge goods-filled-boxes to and fro multiple times.
All said and done,you can love them or hate them,but you just cannot ignore them.These women hawkers are here to stay.And you simply cannot wish them away.The only time they may make a quick vanish by themselves is when they spot a cop on the railway platform ready to scoop away their stuff.

However,they do get the goods back after paying a bribe to the cops ( Indian Cops are notorious bribe takers ) if they indeed do get caught.Also these women hawkers are widely accepted by the passengers who readily buy goodies from them.
So,with such loyal patronage they have got nothing to fear.They keep comming back in hordes as they continue to make a roaring business!

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