WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS - The Different kind!

As you walk in for the first time, you will perhaps get the feeling that you have barged into someone's private kitchen by mistake. Take a closer look and you'll find a slightly larger assortment of all types of utensils, so despite the small size of the kitchen you'll definitely feel that something bigger is cooking. And finally, when you see not one ( usually the lady of the house in a typical kitchen ), but several of them, "women"; then you'll finally realise, that they mean business! Yes!The business of feeding. You, me & everyone else!

Yes, they are entrepreneurs in themselves and pretty successful at it too. No, they are not running a hotel, nor are they dabbawalis yet they are into the business of cooking and feeding hungry people that flock over during lunch time. Some of them even have seating arrangements while others pack a neat parcel.
Their speciality is lunch or dinner ( occasionally priced between Rs.30-Rs.40 per plate. Non-veg costs slightly more ).

Some offer snacks too like parathas, puran poli, sabudana khicdi, poha and a variety of sweets as well, at the time of the festivals. All home made food, cooked right there in the small kitchen, right infront of the customers themselves! They have so much practice and are so swift and efficient that no sooner than you've placed your order, you'll already find them thrusting the food at you, all ready ( in a dish or a parcel )!

And the best part is that the food is awesome. No less tasty than a good restaurant. And being an all women show, you'll find the place very neat, organised and quite hygienic which makes the customers become their regular loyal patrons. You might think that only bachelor or working men would frequent these places, but you'll be surprised that even housewives and elderly women of the neighbourhood come everyday, to collect food from these centres.

Lunch homes, as I call them have no real category to describe them. Though they call themselves 'Bhaji Kendras'. I must say its a very unique move of these women to come together and start such a business amongst themselves. Cooking is the common skill among these mostly married women. And by the looks of it they could be each other's neighbours or very well known to each other,( perhaps even related a few of them, though not all ). Hence, putting their skill into a business and making a profit out of it. Independent and Impressive, I must say!

With the ever increasing customers, some have even started employing young boys as help. Women Power, I Say!

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