Indians have gone ballistic over a pornstar.Once unheard of in India suddenly Sunny Leone has now become a household name.Ever since Big Boss ( a reality show inspired by the BigBrother series UK ) announced its newest entrant into the BigBoss house,India is abuzz with news of Sunny Leone!Be it media,TV or the various internet groups/forums everyone is discussing only one thing,and thats Sunny Leone!And here I am writing a blog on the entire circus too.

BigBoss thrives on bringing all the controversial & infamous personalities together and locking them all up for a couple of months for the whole world to watch their antics via the 24hrs live cameras.The show has had till date some of the most foulest abuses and live fights in record among its participants! ( thats the show's real USP btw ).And people these days dished mostly with all kinda reality based shows ( most of them if not all crappy to say the least ) have no other option but to watch what all they are served with.They do have the option to switch off their remote buttons entirely ( irritated or the smart ones do exactly that ).

But there is also a growing number of voyeur audience ( who get the thrills watching what all goes on in other's or celeb's lives ) who laps it all up.It is they ( besides the media of course ) who are setting the whole cyber space abuzz with discussions about the pornstar.Sunny Leone's entire history has been dug out in details on these forums with her pictures plastered on the various walls 24x7.So famous is she now that even a Mahesh Bhat recently walked into the BigBoss house to offer her his next movie ( Jism2 ).Of course it is a publicity stunt but then who's complaining?Because at the moment a pornstar is ruling the indian hearts and masses!Of course that is only till another sensation comes along and India shifts their focus from Sunny.
So till then Sunny Leone might well enjoy all the fuss about her and also enjoy Sunlight Oops the Limelight!

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  1. Why do you say unheard , we(read guys) all knew who she was.But even we are wondering why is she so popular because we a lot of other girls like her , anyways nice post you have written about a topic many would not do.
    and yes its kind of a business for some to just know whats going on in a celebs life so just chill


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