Hay all!I will be writing a Social Novel shortly and all you readers can be a part of it.
Yes!The readers get to control the plot,plan all the twists and turns,kill or add the characters in the story.If you donot like a particular way that the story is going you can interrupt it right away,right there and direct it your own way.So,all the control would lie with you,the reader!Isn't that interesting?I think it will be a great adventure so I welcome all the readers to participate in this.
I have a story in my mind,however as a first step into this author+reader interactive journey I would first like suggestions from all of you as to what genre you all would prefer the most.The one with highest recommendations will be our 'selected' genre of this unique social novel and we will proceed from there.

So,pour in your suggestions from the genre list below and quickly email the same with the subject line "The Social Novel" to :

1. Romance
2. Fantasy
3. Sci-Fi
4. Mystery/Suspence
5. Horror
6. Teen Fiction
7. Adventure
8. Humour
9. Historical

- All the content & rights of this Social Novel would remain reserved with the author.
- The author at their own discretion may choose to give or opt out of giving credit to the contributors.However,it shall not be binding upon the author in anyway legally or otherwise.
- The readers understand that they are participating in this Social Novel out of their own free will and can opt out of it anytime that they wish.

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