Paid media really sucks! Gone are the days when press used to do genuine unbiased reporting, and was considered a pillar of democracy. Now-a-days, its all paid. They ask money to publish the news. Most of the news ( starting from Politics to Page3 ) are all paid and manipulated. World has come to this.
You need to keep feeding them to get their loyalty. If you don't pamper them, they could in turn get nasty on you as well! They have got the power of the pen after all, to influence the minds of the viewers / readers. And yeah, if you want free coverage all you need to do is make wild statements like someone did of going topless Poonam Pandey or yap like a Rakhi Sawant!
Or else, let them keep milking you out!

What do you think guys? Are you aware of it? Do you agree? Is it good or bad? This pillar of democracy 'media' has too turned highly corrupt and untrusthy.

Why am I writing on this topic! It is pretty obvious that I have encountered couple of these greedy journos/PRs myself, that too from reputed companies who blatantly demanded a lump-sum to newsfeed ( which as a journo its their duty to cover for free ). Such demands automatically makes you realise how the industry actually functions. You start to feel that its all fake and worthless.

And also, I must make it absolutely clear that they are the Bombay based scribes which I am talking about ( so my disgust is only directed towards them, though, I believe it happens everywhere else too ). The media has now become a showbiz in itself, so you don't feel as if you are talking to journos, rather it makes you feel that they are the celebrity and we are supposed to take in their whims and fancies and not to mention ridiculous demands.

Its not wrong to make money. Endless advertisements, paid classifieds, subscriptions by viewers/readers more than make up their inflow of revenue. Sp, last thing they should do make is the 'news' content paid as well! Its just horrible. However, my salute to the rare ones who haven't yet succumbed to the greed and have kept the journalistic ethics alive and intact.

My thoughts!
Till now only the Hindu Publications has shown some guts to speak on this controversial topic >> Read The Hindu Article on Paid Media
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