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Munni tried to hide behind her mother, clutching the pallu of her saree tight, she didn't want to go to her new school. New to the place, where her family had shifted recently, Munni was admitted to a school nearby. At the very sight of her new school, Munni cringed. It was so unlike her previous one - which was situated right in the middle of the city. She had made lots of friends too, but sadly had to leave them all. She missed them so much, especially Pinky, her best friend.

The new school was in a secluded area, surrounded by tall trees. The lane, that went off the main road, which led to the school was a long one with leafy vegetations all around, that filtered out the sun-light, making the lane seemingly more dark than it otherwise was.
On her admission day, Munni hated the sight of the headmistress too, who looked at her strictly with round menacing eyes or so she thought. Maybe she disliked the new change in her life, that's why hated everything. In the school, she had seen no students either, that further added to her discomfort.
"You'll see them once class starts Munni," her mother assured her. "You'll be fine."
"But I don't wanna go mummy. I don't like the new school and its headmistress at all." Munni protested clutching her mother's pallu even more tightly. As per rules, her mother was to leave her at the main-gate, and she had to walk the long lane all by herself to the main school premises. "That lane is dark and scary mummy." She pointed at the lane in front of them. It indeed looked eerie.
"Don't worry my baby. Its a protected compound, nothing will happen. I'll be outside the gates only, till you reach your class. I've packed your lunch with your favourite biscuits too. It takes time to adjust in a new place, but I'm sure you'll love your new school, sweetheart."

With great reluctance, Munni left her mother's side and walked inside the school-gate. As soon as she entered, the old lanky chowkidaar with half-closed eyes shut the huge iron-gate. Munni dreaded at the prospect of walking the lane all by herself. With little tentative steps she moved ahead. When she reached the middle of the lane, she heard a familiar voice, "Hey Munni!"
"Pinky!!!! What on earth are you doing here?" She couldn't believe her eyes, when she turned and saw her best friend standing under one of the tall trees. "Did you take admission here too? You never told me about it." Questions were pouring out of her.
"Sort of," Pinky said, not disclosing much as she came closer. "But I'm so happy to see you again. Its been so tough, I missed you so much." She had a pale, sad look on her face. "But I'm glad you're here. Atleast, I won't feel so lonely anymore, as I was doing all this while."
"Am I glad too, Pinky!" Just seeing her best friend, lifted her spirits again.
"Come lets sit over there a while, till the school bell rings," Pinky took Munni's warm hand in hers and guided to an elevated rock on one side of the lane, behind the tree she was standing.
"Your hands feel cold dear, have you been unwell?" Munni asked, as both of them sat down. It felt good to be back with her friend, just like old times.
"Neah...nothing like that." Pinky then changed the subject and said playfully, "I bet even in your new school, you'll still be having your Parle G biscuits in your tiffin box, right?" Munni nodded. "And also your favourite Nataraj dark pencils in your pencil-box, right?" Munni nodded again. "See I knew it. Sigh, I'll miss them." Pinky said, again a sad look clouded her face.
"Why? Are you going somewhere, Pinky? You can always have them if you want you know." Munni didn't like to see her friend unhappy. They often used to share their tiffin and pencils with one another.
Pinky shook her head "Just that....Its not of much use to me anymore....." her voice that had become low and incoherable got cut off as the school bell rang. RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

"The classes will start, you have to go now Munni. We'll meet later." Pinky said.
"But aren't you coming along too? I thought you took admission here too." Munni asked, confused.
"Yes, I will. But later. You go now." Pinky persisted, urging her to go.

Munni got up and walked a few steps towards the school building. When she stopped in her tracks and looked back, there was no sign of Pinky. Weird, she thought. Pinky must've been in a hurry to go somewhere, she thought. Hoping to meet her again, Munni walked towards her classroom. There were a few odd students in the class, who didn't even seem to notice her. Glad, that she was left on her own, Munni thought about Pinky and her meeting earlier. How she wished, the classes would end and she'd meet her again. She was just happy that her friend was around. Rest of the day passed by and nothing much happened. Her school was average, not like her previous one but was not bad either. Atleast, after meeting Pinky it became a somewhat likeable place.

"So how was school, my dear?" Her mother asked, when the school gates opened and Munni rushed into her arms.
"It was not bad, but Pinky made it better, mummy." Munni still thought about her earlier encounter with Pinky. She hadn't seen her again, but was hopeful she would soon.
"Pinky? You mean Pinky Sharma? Your best friend from previous school?" Her mother asked, a shocked look in her face.
"Yes, mamma. Can you believe it? I met her right here, in the morning; after you were gone. We talked a while. She even asked me about my favourite Parle G biscuits and Nataraj dark pencils that I always carry.
"Hush baby," Her mother hugged her tight in her arms. "Its not possible. Pinky met with an accident early this morning. It was also in the Doordarshan news, as the crash involved a politician's car. Pinky is no more my child.

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