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I sat fidgety in a corner of the bed-room. My bags were packed well nearly; there were still few more hours left. My train would be leaving in late-noon. I looked at the man sprawled in the bed. He was still sleeping. Well, this was not unusual for the weekends the only times I got to spend with him. At times he'd wake past noon, lazily, looking for lunch instead of hugging me first. I don't blame him. Our relation was dragging on like this, for the past few months now. As though we were two emotion-less robots. We've been in a relation since last three years.

I was based in Bombay, he in Poona; same office different branch - ( that's how we met by the way, at some office function ). On weekends, either of us would visit the other mostly by me. We'd fuck, eat, sleep and then it'd be time to go back again for the long working-week ahead. I wondered if there was any love left between us. There was hardly any eagerness to meet each other again atleast on my part ( not sure about his side of the story ). Of late, I've been dreading the weekends. Its like...oh no, not again. Let it get by quick. There was no romance or spice left in our relationship. Even during our fucks, I'd simply lie motionless devoid of any feelings, while he entered me and started romping. And now its something I simply do not look forward to. I wanted to put a complete end to these weekend trips, and maybe an end to this monotonous relationship forever as well.

Yes, I was contemplating a break-up. Just because of the unnecessary 'burden' our relationship had become. Sometimes it is better to put an end to a relationship that's going nowhere, I think. He is an ambitious great man, no doubt. I didn't hate him or anything like that. Nor, was I attracted to anyone else. It's just that, I was bored with him of our life together. Maybe, he was as bored like me, but didn't say so, and wanted me to be the one to take that step. And maybe, once separated we could grow more, than remain stagnant as we currently were. It'd be better for both of us. I'd have to tell him that once he wakes. From next weekend onwards, we have to go our separate ways. We'll put an end to this useless relation forever.

I looked at the wall clock. It was almost 12 noon. He'd wake any moment and look for food, first thing. With a bored sigh, I stood up to drag myself to the kitchen; in no mood to cook anything for him. Why should I, after all I was thinking about a permanent break-up. Well, maybe it had become a habit for me, because I found myself walking to the kitchen anyways. I'll make Maggi for him, I thought, as it'd take just a few minutes. I just didn't want to waste anymore time here. I hoped my train-time arrived soon. Three more hours, the wall-clock said. Phew, I'll have to bear it till then.

I had put the boiled Maggi into the spicy vegetables, frying in the Wok, when I heard a shuffle from behind. Two hands slowly came around my waist, and a warm musky-breath blew near my neck. I stared motionless at the cooking Maggi, as I felt him hugging me tight from behind, murmuring huskily, "Hmmm....you feel so nice, and smell uuummm. Stay back jaan. I don't want you to go back."

I hardly heard such romantic words from him, so, it was bit surprising for me. I started to speak...but was stopped mid-way. "Husshhh...baby! I understand....I understand what's going wrong between us." He crooned in my neck, as he turned me towards him. I looked up at him, not quite sure what he meant. "See this," he said, flashing two flight tickets from inside his pocket, a smile playing on his lips.

"What's it?" I asked, confused.
"Hmmm...I've been planning this for quite long my baby. These are tickets to Switzerland for you and me. I intend to take you there on our honeymoon, as soon as you agree to marry me ~ like today, now!"
I just stood speechless, not sure what to say.
"My baby," he continued, his finger caressing, as it traced sides of my face; "I know, I've not been very expressive about our relationship. I've been ignorant, silent. But the truth is, I love you madly. I'm tired of these brief weekend thingy. I want you permanently, by my side as my wife. I want you to marry me, have kids, make a home. Grow old together. I simply cannot live my life without you. I'll be shattered if you ever leave me."

His eyes wore a pained look, pleading me to understand his feelings. I suddenly felt guilty at my earlier thoughts. The way he looked at me, those love-filled deep eyes imploring mine, had me melting instantly. Switzerland honeymoon! He had taken the first step to bring the 'spice' back into our relationship. Only, a person who truly loved would make that effort. How could I even think of leaving such a wonderful man. I understood love now. I regretted my earlier morose self. I was being selfish, impulsive to end something so beautiful. I didn't want to lose him either. Certainly not, after I've seen this romantic side of him today. The love was not sparse as I thought, it was always there. Only it needed a little nudge, a gentle push again; a romantic gesture like this. I couldn't resist myself anymore.

"Oh...yes...," I found my lips blurting out, "Oh yessss!"
He looked at me puzzled for a while eye-brows raised; and then asked, "Oh yes, you are leaving me or Oh yes, you'll marry me honey?"

I went red, embarrassed to the core. Did he sense my earlier thoughts? I wanted to shoo away such thoughts. Nevertheless, I went crushing into his arms, "Oh! Yes...I'm marrying you sweetheart." I whispered, shyly; but confident of my choice ~ him ~ my man! The next moment, I was scooped up in his rugged arms, and I found myself being carried to the bed-room.

"The...the...Magg...maggiii," I remembered.
"Forget the Maggi, I've turned off the gas. I want to devour you instead," he growled seductively, as he laid me gently in the king-sized bed; his warm hands feeling me all over lovingly. That afternoon, we had the most sexiest time of our relationship ever, .....and I missed my train that day willingly; and forever.

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