Theme for Mar 07, 2014 'WOW' : ‘K!’ This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! Your post must contain a text conversation ending with someone saying “k”.

“Come out you coward Betal. I’ve accepted your challenge, why are you hiding now?” King.Vikram chased into the graveyard after Betal.

Heeeheeeheee…. Betal’s laughter echoed through the graveyard. Next moment, he was behind King.Vikram’s back – ready to tell another story.

“If you answer my question at the end of the story, I’ll go away again. Promise K? Heeeheeeheee….
K!” King.Vikram agreed.

Betal started telling a story. However, King.Vikram forgot his promise and answered the question Betal asked.

“I told you not to answer, but you did. Aur mei chala…bye K!" Betal flew off, with the king chasing after him again.

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  1. hehehe I loved that serial :D used to wait all week long to watch them. nice story

  2. Haha an unusual take. Very good! :)


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