'Death news' generally shouldn't be shocking. There's always someone or the other dying every other day. After all, we all are going to die someday too, aren't we? It is the only 'real' truth that exists in this lifetime of ours. And that has been the reality since life existed on this planet. Only, when it occurs suddenly, and at a young age, under mysterious circumstances - with no proper explanations, does it become shocking ~ as it did in this case. The shock gets doubled, considering certain 'coincidences' that happened within the few days of his death, with me.

I'm in no way connected to Gaurav Tiwari at all. But, like him, I am a big time Paranormal enthusiast too. But my similarities with him end right there, because, there have been many things I didn't like about how GT and his team did their investigations. I saw couple of them on Youtube, and thought them to be a complete rip-off of Ghost Hunters ( an international paranormal show ~ the whole format ), and most explanations copied from Ghost Adventures ( another popular international paranormal show ). Those who watch these two shows will easily make out if something is copied from them.
Secondly, I saw MTV's Girl's Night Out episodes and found them totally 'faked' at many ( all ) places. With someone claiming to be an authentic investigator, I didn't expect him to go along with the fakeness of it all. Thirdly, the Grip-India Facebook page had once organised a spook contest, wherein, they asked to send in real-life spook stories, of which they'd make a show on Sony TV ( I presume, it was Bhoot Aya or Fear Files, whichever was on Sony ). Someone from their team contacted me, saying they'd take my story and also a 'byte' regarding the incident I sent; and after I agreed to their proposal and granted them 'permission' to use it, I never heard from them again, although, that person asked me to become the group's member as paranormal investigator ( for a hefty fee too ), which I remember was also part of the prize. Phew! I didn't see the serial, so don't know if they adapted my story, but I was by then, bit disinterested in their style of working ( read un-professionalism ), so never really followed their updates. They also seemed too be to eager to 'sell' memberships, which was a put-off. I also, didn't like the 'reverend' title GT carried in his name, like a show-off thingy, where real exorcists/ministers too didn't really use them.

Anyway, so, coming back to the present, to talk about the freaky coincidences ~ just couple days back - I guess, last week of June or was it 1st week of July itself, I saw Gaurav Tiwari's twitter profile curiously popping up in my 'who to follow' section. It was rather strange, because, it was the first time I saw it. I remember, hovering my mouse over the profile, and it showed 'verified' and that too with just 1500-2k or so followers. I was like, wah, with only so little followers, one can get their twitter verified. But then, he has appeared in many Indian TV channels, so, maybe it was possible with the right contacts. Anyways, 1-2 days he kept appearing and then I forgot all about it.

I came to know of his death only today ( i.e 11th ) - that he died on 7th July. That reminds me so much of 3rd July, a Sunday, when I almost met with my own death ( had a near-miraculous escape ). I had recently shifted to far outskirts of Bombay - like, really really far, near the mountains ( for health reasons and to get fresh air ). Tired of living in tall suffocating buildings ( my earlier flat was on 4th floor ), I chose to purchase a tin-roofed house this time - with an obvious ground floor. But, what I didn't know was that tin roofs are not really made of tin, but some kind of asbestos cement instead, that really becomes weak during monsoon time ( due to the rains ). So, my new roof was leaking and naturally, I thought of the only option to protect it ~ and that was to cover it with plastic sheets. And, as I was nearly done with the job, next thing I knew was, I had crashed through the roof itself. The roof gave away as though made of mud. I clung to the remaining broken part for my dear life, struggling to get up. With gravity pulling me further down, and me not really the slim-trim kinda, it was really difficult to pull myself up. I had fallen on my back, with more than half my body hanging below, and just my left arm clinging on to the remaining part of the roof. Had it given away too, I'd have come crashing down and broken my neck on the hard floor-tiles below. Oh...what a horrible situation it was. With me not able to climb up, one part of my mind told me 2-3 times to just give up. 'You'll only fall,' it said. Another part of my mind kept urging me not to give up, not unless that roof gave up on its own atleast. 'You'll die if you give up,' it said. So, atlast, somehow the second part of my mind won - and so, I'm alive. All my work that day naturally, got ruined; which however, a supervisor in that locality helped me out with later.

Being finicky however, and still not satisfied with the job, few days later, I wanted to go up myself again, to fix it. It must have been the 7th. That particular supervisor saw me take the ladder that morning, and tried to stop me. I was bit scared myself too, and it had rained all the last few days - so, alas, I decided to wait till monsoon got over. Who knows, what would've happened that day, as the roof was still weak with all the heavy down-pour.

Now, to think, GT died that day around that time. Its freaky, isn't it? I don't know the cause of his death, but as per reports, his family said that he told his wife one month ago, that some 'negative force' was out to get him and that he was unable to stop it. And that, there was a thin black line ( mark ) around his neck, when they found the body. Being a paranormal researcher myself ( albeit, not professional ), and having loads of paranormal experiences myself, I think I can understand what it could be ( if his death was indeed due to negative forces as his father mentioned ). More on that in another post....( it can be very scary if it is what I think it is )
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