With his eye-lids half closed,
He observed them slowly under his gaze,
Two bright young kids, they were,
So enthused about the world of chess…

But, he had other plans for them,
Plans, that was his real practice,
Plans sinister, plans all macabre,
Plans that made children, like them, disappear…

But, only hurdle that stood in between,
If only, he could get rid of the adult, accompanying.

Back at home, he remembered, the tub that was waiting,
Burried, wherein he had, similar innocent kids,
While no one knew of his dark evil thoughts,
He waited patiently for the right time to strike…

This post is for friday fictioneers and magpie tales 309 ( Image Copyright – © Ted Strutz/Damien Derouene )
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Copyright 2016 © Nandini Deka

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