‘What’s wrong with you? You are always in a foul mood these days. I have come, haven’t I?’ My partner looked at me, confusion ( or was it frustration ? ) written all over his face. We were sitting by the lake side. While the other couples, around the vicinity of the lake, were hugging and kissing their respective partners; getting all romantic behind the leafy foliage that provided a perfect cover, only we two seemed to be at logger-heads with each other. A silent war was brewing.

I was frowning... sulking, call-it-whatever. My mood was totally off. I’d lose my cool any moment if he said that he came after-all again. Had he done me a favour by coming two hours late? I was almost on the verge of storming off the place, when at last, he had appeared. Work was no excuse. This behaviour had become a regular pattern almost. Of keeping me waiting! And I could not stand it anymore. He just couldn’t give an ‘I was busy’ excuse everytime. Just because I loved him to death, he had begun taking me for granted. I couldn’t forget nor forgive, that he had actually forgotten to wish me on Valentine’s Day too, that had just recently gone by. I had to practically remind him of it myself; and only then, he had sheepishly wished me, making a promise to make up for it very soon. Well… of course that ‘very soon’ was still to come! If only... I wonder, if he even remembered it. It was March now. This just couldn’t go on, I decided, straightening up. It was affecting our relation every single day, and was turning it for the worse.

Relation! I wonder, if we were really in a relation anymore. It certainly didn’t feel like it. Where was all the romance, we once had, while we were in college. Dana, my office colleague, had once suggested that perhaps he was two-timing me with someone, hence, the carelessness ~ something, I hoped against hope, was not true. Dana had even suggested to test it once and for all. Maybe, time had really come to find out, if I mattered to him or not. I decided to go along with Dana’s plans today. Plan was to make him jealous, and find out if he really cared. And as instructed, I had already messaged Dana as soon as he had come. Dana would then call me, pretending to be my new-found love. I’d make excuse and try to go away, giving him the bad news that it was all over between us. Perfect plan it was.

‘Well?’ He raised his eyebrows,. He was still waiting for my reply. Just then, my phone rang. Dana! Whatta timing. I had to get on with the act, I thought. I answered the phone immediately, pretending to listen romantically at what was being said on the other side. ‘No dear…I was just leaving. I can’t wait to see you too!’ I spoke excitedly into the phone, totally ignoring my partner’s surprised questioning look. ‘Yeah, am just coming, muah!’ I switched off the receiver, but my hand was immediately grasped in his, in a tight grip.

‘What's going on? Who was it?’ He demanded, his nose flaring.

‘You remember Rishi? It was him. He had asked me to meet him today in the Mall, and gosh, I’m already so late!’ I had made up an imaginary person, and was chuckling inside, as I saw my partner’s face go stark white. My acting was working. I could've won an Oscar for my performance! He was indeed getting jealous, I could make out from his expression. I decided to stretch it a little further. 'You don't mind, do you?' I fluttered my eye-lashes at him innocently.

'What do you mean, you don't mind? Of course, I mind.' He was furious.

'How come? It always seems that I force you into meeting me. Whereas, Rishi has been calling me continuously since past two hours. He can barely wait to meet me. I think we should call it off. Its better that way.' I know, I sounded like a bitch then, but what he did next was all worth it.

For, my partner was suddenly at my feet, both his hands placed lightly on my thighs. He had knelt down. 'You can't do this to me, babes.' He was literally shaking with emotions now, his voice almost choking. 'I love you too much. I'll be shattered without you. I'll do whatever you want, but babes, I really need you in my life.' He looked deeply into my eyes, pleading almost. Just what I wanted.

'Really? You'll do whatever I want?' I asked, still trying to be on the act though.
'Yes babes. I just realised, my life's nothing without you. And I have to value the precious one that I have, 'you' ~ the most important woman in my life!' I knew, he was being earnest. I had never seen him like that - so emotional.

'Then,' I began slowly, convinced that he really meant it. 'I want you to keep your promises. Give me a sada kasam, that you'll stand by your kasams ( promises ) always.' From this Women's day onwards, I didn't want him to take me for granted anymore.
Nodding his head, he slowly placed his lips on mine, sealing a silent promise. His Set Wet sada sexy fragrance enveloped me, sending tingling sensations all over my body. I knew this time, promise will be kept! I closed my eyes and kissed him back. 'Sada, forever,' he whispered, groaning into my lips, holding me tight in his arms. We ended up being the most romantic couple, that evening, by the lake-side.
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