Dear Maa...

It’s been a while since I wrote you any letter. I remember, when in school, I used to scribble little notes to you, every few days. But, they were mainly of accepting and confessing my guilt, of the little mischief’s that I always did, or of the fights that I often picked up with my elder sister. You always readily forgave my little crimes, with moist eyes. So touched, you’d get, by these gestures of mine especially of realizing and accepting that I was wrong. This letter, however, is much more than those tiny chits of paper, which you've still treasured in our old cupboard, all these years. This letter is of re-collecting my memories of you. Ah..where do I begin? There are so many of those...

Let me start straight from the beginning itself. Strangely though, although, you had me inside your womb for 9 months, it’s been more than nineteen years now that I've lived away from you. Of course, every alternate year I came to visit you, and those, made up my best ever memories with you. Living independent was a choice I made, that you found difficult to accept or allow at first; but understanding my dreams and aspirations, you had gracefully let me find my own sun-shine. Your support, in this move of mine, made me so strong as an individual. But, as much as I enjoy the freedom and independence I have, I must admit here, I miss home and especially you, so much more. I look forward to those moments, when I’ll be back at home again and you’ll just keep feeding me with one home-cooked delicacy after another, truly, pampering me. I miss those home-cooked meals the most, and also the feeling of security you always give.

When with you, I’m like a little girl I once was again, knowing you are nearby watching my every step. You are there to hold me, in case, I falter. I absolutely love those moments when we share those silly jokes with each other ~ with you sharing tidbits of the neighbourhood and relatives, of what happened when I was gone, and I share about the crazy experiences I’ve had in Bombay. We laugh together and those are my most precious memories.

There was a time, I remember, when my whole world was shattered to see you in the hospital. I can’t tell you the relief and happiness I felt, when you bravely defeated the illness and came back victorious. I want you to be always healthy and strong, so that I can have more and more of lovely memories with you.

Thanks forever Maa…
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