Secluded in his cozy corner, he gazed at the views around,
The luxurious hotel, the beach below, and many a sky-scrapers abound.
Elated was he, till he saw a certain flicker,
On one of the windows; in his opposite, in the tall hotel’s tower.

Halting, and then moving, the process repeated, as he gaped,
A figure, that caught his attention, silently waved.

Before he could acknowledge, she made a sudden dive to the ground,
No one but he, watched the horror, dumbfound.
Why did no one notice, what he saw, he wondered,
Wasn’t aware, a suicidal-spirit was giving him a glance, rare.

This post is for friday fictioneers and magpie tales 310 ( Image Copyright – © Marie Gail Stratford/painting by David Ligare )
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Copyright 2016 © Nandini Deka

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