“This was the last straw. We just had to leave!”

The line of cars followed each other, on a trail, out of the small village. The entire village had packed up, to leave it forever.

Hateful expletives soon followed in the conversations. They were all pissed off at limp Asura. The baby demon, whom they all had once adopted, was now a giant monster.

His antics, that everyone used to marvel at once, had become too dangerous, with him baying for their blood.

However, only when he bent, could they escape, for it took him days to stand up. And that day, he had bent…

This post is for friday fictioneers and magpie tales 306 ( Image Copyright – © Al Forbes/Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer )
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  1. oh boy baby demon is scary

  2. I think I would have sneaked off long ago while he was asleep.

  3. A huge fat demon is really terrifying.

  4. Phew, I hope they all escape, it was a really scary start with a clever twist. Well done.


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